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6 Most amazing trees on the planet

There are amazing trees on the planet that are considered to be more than just natural landscapes. They are known to provide food and shelter to wildlife. Furthermore, they also help in absorbing carbon dioxide and in producing breathable air. One of the best things about trees is that they add more beauty to the world. Trees are the longest-living organisms on Earth, and never die of old age.

6 Most amazing trees on the planet

Here is a list of the six most amazing trees on earth. These amazing six trees are picked up for their fascinating qualities, uniqueness, and overall beauty.

1. Mangrove trees

Tropical and subtropical beaches with protection are home to mangrove trees. Mangrove trees are exceptional in their capacity to grow in soil that is salted and within reach of the tides. Since their roots are frequently buried in water, These amazing trees must also adapt to the soil that lacks oxygen.

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The mangrove trees are a component of the world's most complex biome. Mangroves safeguard fish and other marine life beneath their submerged roots. The protection of coastlines from storms and rising waters is another critical function of mangroves.

2. Bristlecone Pine

The gnarled and twisted figures aren’t only the amazing feature of this pine but this Bristlecone pine is believed to be one of the oldest living organisms on earth. These trees are capable to live for more than five thousand years, thereby making its gnarled old look pretty fitting. These trees are mostly found in the subalpine groves of the western coast of the United States.

3. Kapok trees

When fully developed, Kapok trees (Ceiba pentandra) can reach heights of 230 feet and have a diameter of up to 10 feet. The reason why Kapok trees are considered amazing trees is their enormous buttresses, which are substantial roots that remain above ground.

The distinctive feature of the Kapook tree is its substantial thorns, which shield the tree from harm. The Kapok tree, which develops pods filled with a delicate, fluffy fibre, is also known as the Silk Cotton Tree. Life jackets, sleeping bags, pillows, and mattresses have all been filled with this fibre in the past.

4. Rainbow Eucalyptus trees

The Rainbow Eucalyptus trees shed their bark in vertical stripes, exposing a vivid green hue. The colour green starts to change into other vibrant hues including blue, purple, orange, and maroon. These amazing trees look like a rainbow because different parts of it drop their leaves at different times.

According to researchers, the vivid green colour is caused by the tree's chlorophyll being revealed when the bark sheds. Tannin-containing pigments start to saturate the top surface as it matures.

5. Tibetan cherry trees

The Tibetan cherry trees are renowned for their stunning reddish-coppery bark and lovely golden fall leaves. Because it is typically planted for its beauty, it is regarded as an ornamental tree. The tree blooms with exquisite white flowers in the spring. Although cherries are produced, they cannot be eaten.

6. Sagano bamboo trees

On the outskirts of Kyoto, Japan you can find the Sagano Bamboo trees. The must-see location, a superb place for forest bathing, attracts tourists from all over the world.

The soundtrack is one of the main attractions in this bamboo amazing trees. The tall, thin trunks of the trees produce peaceful sounds of hitting branches and rustling leaves when the wind blows through them.

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