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How tree planting can boost employee engagement

As wildfires continue to destroy more forests and carbon emissions soar as 40 billion tons of CO2 enter the atmosphere every day due to fossil fuels, action against this dire situation is becoming urgent.

While tree planting initiatives were previously a superficial attempt for companies to look green, they’re now a crucial step within corporate climate strategies.

While many businesses may have started looking at these projects for carbon offsetting, they can also be utilized to enhance employee engagement.

By showing your commitment to climate change efforts and incentivizing your workforce by planting trees, you can build a happier and more productive company that also increases revenue.

If you want to increase employee engagement and satisfaction, here are four reasons why harnessing reforestation projects may be the way forward.

Effects of tree planting on employee engagement


How tree planting can boost employee engagement

1. Employees feel more committed to workplaces that share their climate values

With more than two-thirds of people saying that they’re more likely to work for a company that values climate action, participating in tree planting projects will help to generate a positive impression amongst employees.

Therefore, workers are more likely to feel a genuine passion and motivation towards their employer if they’re taking necessary steps towards tackling climate change, whilst also feeling a sense of belonging as corporate principles align with their values.

Workplaces that tackle carbon emissions will also be more appealing to people who desire a participatory role in climate change but with no clue where to start.

Whereas individuals might it difficult to make an impact on huge initiatives like reforestation, a company-wide effort will allow them to feel personally involved in the process. 

As a result, this shared passion for climate action will translate to more employee engagement due to increased motivation in performance and respect for the company.

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In turn, pursuing these sustainable projects will raise awareness and encourage others to make a change.

Employees who previously found it to be a confusing industry will now know how to get involved and may try personal carbon offsetting, and similarly, rival and counterpart firms and businesses may match your climate effort to tackle the problem.

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2. Workers will feel respected and appreciated through personalized incentives

Companies often fall into the trap of gifting their employees with cliché and generic items like batch-produced mugs and mousepads, which lack any individuality or effort.

Not only will an eco-friendly alternative like planting a tree stand out, but it also shows genuine care for your staff.

Tree planting is effectively a reward in its own right, as it results in a cleaner atmosphere and lower carbon emissions, but it also has a great impression on employees.

Adopting or planting a tree in an employee’s name is a more personalized investment that will be recognized by staff, and in turn, their efforts will be reciprocated.

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Furthermore, the price associated with reforestation efforts will increase this appreciation.

Unlike batch-produced generic gifts that only cost pennies, planting projects are estimated to cost closer to $5 per tree when accounting for preparing the site, monitoring seeds, labor, and managing trees after they’ve been planted. 

Your employees are bound to feel more engaged and committed to a company that offers these more thoughtful and pricier rewards, enriching their experience in the workplace.

3. Employees will respect your smart, informed choices regarding climate change

By engaging in tree planting initiatives, your business will demonstrate its ability to make informed and respectable decisions.

In reality, these projects require a lot more thought than people presume, as deciding on the right trees and locations to ensure that they survive changing climates can be a complicated process.

These rigorous decisions will demonstrate your commitment and perseverance as a business, which employees will recognize and replicate when it comes to workplace tasks.

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Furthermore, by saving money on unsustainable gifts that aren’t recyclable and will end up in landfill, you will again be demonstrating that you’re a smart and switched-on business.

By making these respectable decisions, employees are more likely to want to be involved in your workplace, and you’ll also gain trust to make similar choices when it comes to their careers.

Alongside boosting employee trust and morale, committing to reforestation projects will also enhance your public image.

By displaying your corporate social responsibility through carbon offsetting and implementing sustainable incentives for your workers, your business will be highly regarded in the favor of investors and the public.

As a consequence, your employees are more likely to be proud of this reputation and deeply invest in your company as a result.

4. Sustainable gifts will encourage employees to work harder and foster a long-term commitment

By providing incentives for your employees, they are more likely to perform better and reach goals within the company, as well as fostering a sense of accomplishment and belonging in the workplace.

Since many tree planting projects also enable employees to virtually track their tree’s growth and contribution, they will also witness a tangible positive outcome to their action that spurs them to work even harder.

The real-world implications of tackling climate change and offsetting emissions will further increase employee satisfaction.

It has been found that employees are more likely to be proud of their accomplishments when they go beyond the office and impact the larger world, thus their contributions to carbon offsetting will foster engagement and happiness more than in-workplace rewards would.

Since reforestation is a widespread process rather than a one-off gesture to be forgotten about, employees are also more likely to develop a long-term commitment to the business.

Since tree growth takes a long time, employees that continually check on their tree’s progress will be reminded of their reward and positive impact on reducing carbon emissions, therefore continuing to boost their performance and workplace commitment.

Companies can also harness this for an increased environmental impact, developing forests and ensuring proper seedling management to nurture this engagement. 



Tree planting is an effective way to lower carbon emissions whilst simultaneously rewarding your workforce. This will lead to a more productive environment, committed employees, and an overall more profitable business.

Make a positive impact on the environment - plant a tree today

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