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The top 10 green products for your home office

As people grow more conscious of their positive impact on the environment, green office products are becoming more and more popular. The green products for your home office can be more environmentally friendly in many ways, including by utilizing recycled materials and buying devices that use less energy.

Get to know the top 10 green products for your home office and use the energy wisely.

The top 10 green products for your home office

What are the top 10 green products for your home office

1. Felt&Cork Desk Mats - Oakywood

The Oakywood felt home office desk pad is constructed from organic elements that are completely biodegradable. Ecological cork and 100% OEKO-TEX® Merino Wool Felt. The universal and minimalist design makes it simple for you to arrange any type of workspace.

The desk pad is soft, comfortable, and long-lasting thanks to a thoughtful selection of excellent materials. The desk pad cannot move while being completely protected by the cork foundation.

2. Sylvania Led light bulbs 24 pack

The most energy-efficient alternative is an LED bulb, and this 24-pack of SYLVANIA LED bulbs states that it can save consumers' energy costs by up to 85%. Additionally, they have a lifespan of about 11,000 hours per bulb, giving you years and years of light and cost savings from using green energy.

3. Novica – Two-Horn Teak Wood Phone Speaker from Thailand, “Teak Decibel

Your preferred music and podcasts will sound better thanks to this phone speaker. Handmade into this speaker is a piece of teak wood with a deep, organic grain. It has two horns at the front to disperse sound and a slit at the top for inserting your phone.

4. Reusable K-Cup

If you're addicted to single-serving coffee pods, you should be aware that Keurig's convenience comes with a lot of environmental issues. When you work from home, you probably drink more coffee, therefore if you have a Keurig, you should buy reusable K-Cups to save waste.

5. Worth While Paper – Memo Books

It includes one of each of the pocket-sized memo books, which function as chic and functional notepads for random thoughts or specific objectives.

6. BigBlue 28W solar charger

A portable solar panel can be a terrific method to recharge your phone or other devices without paying the power provider, even though it is primarily designed for vacation. This one has three USB ports, allowing you to charge many devices simultaneously. Additionally, there are rivets so that they can be attached to a window with suction cups for maximum solar exposure.

7. LARQ Bottle PureVis

The LARQ Bottle PureVisTM is the first water-purifying and self-cleaning technology in the world. Up to 99%* Bio-contaminants like E. coli are removed from your water and bottle using PureVis technology. Water is kept cold for 24 hours and heated for 12.

Learn about our Greentech solutions

Powerful PureVisTM technology activates every 2 hours at the press of a button to get rid of dangerous microorganisms like E. coli.

8. Kasa Smart Plug 4 pack

With the use of Alexa or Google Assistant, these wall plugs transform any household outlet into a smart, internet-connected power source that can be programmed to turn on or off at specific times of the day and to switch gadgets on or off when a user is away from the home. Using the scheduling and remote power control can significantly save costs.

9. Refillable dry-erase markers from Auspen

With the above dry-erase sticky notes and these refillable dry-erase markers, you can keep working without having to worry about using pitch paper or non-recyclable markers. Additionally, a single marker may be refilled 80 times from a $6.95 refill container.

10. Nakabayashi manual paper shredder

Although it is a necessary aspect of work to shred paper, there is no need to purchase a shredder that also consumes electricity. This hand-cranked shredder can shred credit cards, CDs, and paper up to A4/letter size.

Why does DGB Group support green tech

People can feel like they are making ethical decisions by making small modifications to their lifestyles, such as purchasing sustainable alternatives or using green technology.  Many consumers also choose sustainable companies like DGB because they support fair labour practices and ethical production, or because they support a brand's philanthropic endeavours.

Read more about how we use technology to make biodiversity flourish and prosper

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