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Why trees can make you happier

Nature has a profound effect on one’s mental health. The act of stepping out into nature can have an incredible, positive affect on your mental health. The impact of trees on your mental health can not be denied and in this article, we will look at the top three reasons how trees impact your mental health.

1. Removes you from your normal space

Our environments play a huge role in our mental health. It is important that we are in a space that positively contributes to our mental health and is inspiring to us rather than creating anxiety. A 2019 Japanese study showed that walking for 15 minutes in a forest had a huge impact on the participants' mental health. It was found that those who walked through the forest for 15 minutes a day found that they were experiencing less anxiety, less depression and just felt more energized. Spending time around trees removes you from environments that can feel very isolating and instead gives you a greater perspective on life and the world around you.

2.Enables routine

Trees can have an impact on your mental health as they help to contribute to a healthy routine and rhythm. A large aspect of having proper mental health is ensuring that you are getting the proper amount of sleep each night. A 2015 study involving over 255 adults showed that trees had an impact on an individual's ability to sleep. It was shown that spending time in green spaces allows your body to adjust to the Natural rhythms of the day and come to the end of the night feeling tired and ready for bed.

Make a positive impact on the environment - plant a tree today

Another aspect of trees that is very important for your mental health is the environmental benefits that trees provide to a space. Trees help to clean the air. Trees are essential in the process of removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Because of this, trees actually help to keep our air clean and make breathing a lot easier. The air in places around trees is cleaner, healthier and helps you to feel stronger.

3. A moment for rest

Trees give you the ability to slow down. They invite reflection, a slower tempo, and a moment for pause. Trees grow at extraordinarily slow rates. They abide by something that some authors and scientists would call “tree time”. It is a slow process for a tree to grow to its full size and in that process, it offers each individual a chance to think about slowing down and matching the rhythm of each tree.

Trees are a beautiful reminder that life can be slowed down and enjoyed. Life is meant to be cherished. Trees play a huge impact on our mental health and should be encouraged as a way of helping people deal with some of the hardships that life can bring.

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