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7 Most magnificent trees of our planet

The most beautiful trees in the world have exceptional qualities that inspire people to identify with them, including their endurance, beauty, and even legendary origins. They have long served as sources of inspiration for literature, art, and poetry.

7 Most magnificent trees of our planet

While we see different types of trees in our everyday life, there are some magnificent trees of our planet which can always make us stare in awe. Here we have listed seven of the most magnificent trees of our planet.

1. The Japanese maple, Japan

The Japanese maple trees have long been favored in several types of ornamental gardens. These magnificent trees of our planet are relatively small, even though they grow gigantic in size when compared to other specimens of their species. Furthermore, they also produce weeping legions of leaves that change their color from dark green or dark purple to brilliant orange, yellow or red.

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The Japanese maple trees are also known to provide a showy display of color in the Autumn season just before its leaves start falling into the ground. This particular tree specimen is indeed large of its kind and it generally grows in the Japanese Garden located in Portland, Oregon.

2. The American elm, America

The American elm is partly responsible for New York's Central Park's fame thanks to its seasonal splendour. The lofty, spreading, umbrella-like canopy of the American elm changes from a rich green to a brilliant palette of yellows and reds each year.

3. Rainbow eucalyptus, Hawaii

The rainbow eucalyptus of Hawaii is very much picky about its environment. Under proper conditions, it can grow into the most beautiful tree. Its multi-colored bark helps in highlighting all the colors that you can see in a rainbow.

4. Silver birch, Finland

The silver birch is a medium-sized deciduous plant that owes its name due to its white peeling bark on the trunks. The silver birch particularly look mesmerizing when covered with snow. 

5. Rhododendron shrub, Canada

The rhododendron shrub of Canada is always evergreen, azaleas, and deciduous in nature. These magnificent trees range from creeping shrubs to different medium-sized trees having saucer-like bell-shaped flowers that are usually red, pink, mauve, purple, or orange in color. 

6. Blooming cherry trees, Germany

The blooming cherry trees of Germany are one of the most beautiful trees that walking underneath these trees can any day make you forget about any sort of road-noise, air pollution, or hustle-bustle of the streets.

7. Dark hedges, Northern Ireland

The dark hedges of northern Ireland was installed way back in the 18th century by the Stuart Family. The family thought that these trees would help in serving as a unique landscape to greet guests with. Two hundred years down the line, these trees still exist, while intriguing many who come to see them. 

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