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Rare Animals Emerge After 20 Years of Reforestation in China

In case you plant it, they are going to come. China has been pursuing an aspiring project for quite some time with the purpose of increasing the area of land which is covered by forests to as much as 23% of the total land area of the country by the conclusion of the decade. This year, approximately 16.3 million acres of forest is being planted by China. Apart from providing lots of advantages such as green space for individuals, resurgent forests also offer cleaner air as well as enhanced mental health to a great extent. And the good thing is that they also support the returning of rare creatures to habitats from where they had disappeared previously.

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Reforestation to protect animals

It will be possible for these animals both big and small to come across a place which they can call home and they will be able to thrive once again. In case anybody likes to have evidence of this simple equation, one glaring example will be the Ziwuling Forest Area situated in Yan'an, Shannxi province in China. The payoff is starting to become quite evident following a couple of decades of “huge reforestation projects” in this particular area.

With the help of infrared cameras which were positioned in the field in the forest area, the Beijing Normal University researchers have already acknowledged the presence of lots of rare species which includes the biggest populace of North-Chinese leopards which was ever recorded in this particular area. This particular menagerie of endangered animals from red foxes to golden pheasants and roe deer has added to the previous discovery of the previously mentioned biggest ever populace of North-Chinese leopards in this area. As a matter of fact, the golden pheasants happen to be some of the most prominent animals which have been observed in the revitalized forest area. Incidentally, this attractive bird has already established feral populations across the globe.

Reforestation in China

According to Feng Limin Feng who happens to be an associate professor from the Beijing Normal University, this reserve can boast of having a big population of many endangered species including roe deer and wild boars as well as medium-sized and small carnivorous creatures which include red foxes and ocelots.

The researchers assert that they have been able to catalog as many as 263 various species in the forest area which includes 8 threatened species under critically threatened first-class national protection plus another 29 under critically threatened second-class national protection. This varied ecological community shows significant progress for an area which had suffered hugely from deforestation.

Environmental protection

According to Feng, it would not have been possible for these animals to survive if we had not undertaken the steps for environmental protection. The reforestation of China is one aspect of its larger project to engage in environmental conservation and the fight against climate change.

It's not rocket science, actually. The habitats of the animals are being destroyed over time and therefore they are being threatened with the dangers of extinction. It is imperative for us to stop this destruction and provide the animals with a possibility of surviving by restoring the natural landscape. They might even succeed in surviving in case we happen to be fortunate.

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