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CE-EM webinar: Redefining Certification in Carbon Markets—14 September

📅 Date: Thursday, 14 September 2023

⏰ Time: 14:30 GMT

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Unlock the future of carbon credits

Embark on a transformative journey during this exclusive webinar, crafted in collaboration with ERS (Ecosystem Restoration Standard) and a distinguished panel of experts. Delve into a realm of cutting-edge carbon market topics with captivating subjects, including:

Redefining Certification in Carbon Markets_treetops of a lush deciduous forest_visual 1View of a treetops of a lush deciduous forest.

🌱 Shifting from avoidance to removal: Discover how the landscape of carbon credits is evolving as we transition from mere avoidance to proactive removal strategies.

🌍 Rethinking co-benefits: Explore the hidden potentials as we redefine the additional advantages that emerge alongside carbon credit initiatives.

🔌 Unveiling technology's frontiers and boundaries: Uncover the exciting innovations driving carbon credit solutions while understanding the frontiers they have yet to breach.

🌿 ERS: Pioneering a new standard: Be the first to witness the birth of a game-changing standard—ERS (Ecosystem Restoration Standard)—set to revolutionise the carbon credit landscape.

In this dynamic and engaging webinar, you will explore the heart of the carbon credit discourse. Seasoned experts will dissect the controversies that have surrounded carbon credits and illuminate the current remedies being implemented. Furthermore, learn about the secrets to instilling trust in both issuers and buyers, ensuring a harmonious ecosystem for all stakeholders.

Mark your calendars and secure your spot for this interactive session where knowledge meets innovation and where ideas intertwine with trust. Join us in shaping the future of carbon credits!

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