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Drie Op Reis

Drie Op Reis is a Dutch travel programme that began broadcasting in 2007. The program features several destinations, showing viewers beautiful sights and exploring different cultures. The show aims to encourage its viewers to travel more sustainably and show them different ways in which they can achieve this.

How Is the Show Produced Carbon Neutrally?

Drie Op Reis manages to keep all of its production carbon-neutral despite the fact that travel is generally bad for the environment. The show achieves this in two ways. First, the show ensures that the Co2 that it emits is sequestered through carbon offsetting practices. The show also reduces its emissions by ensuring that fewer carbon emissions than those emitted from production are emitted elsewhere.

Drie Op Reis supports the FairClimateFund through a project in India. The FairClimateFund is an organisation that carries out sustainability projects in developing countries. Drie Op Reis’s project in India introduced new cooking appliances called chulikas in villages in the Raichur region. These cooking appliances reduce smoke development inside. This reduces the amount of smoke emitted in indoor unventilated areas in these villages, contributing to an improvement in village citizens’ health. This project also reduces deforestation, as less wood is needed to operate these cooking appliances. Cooking in Raichur villages is both faster and emits less CO2 as a result of Drie Op Reis’s efforts.

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The show also supports Just Diggit in Africa. This organisation aims to restore dry land in numerous parts of Africa. Drie Op Reis supports the restoration of dry land on a large scale through reforestation, techniques to retain rainwater for longer and soil protection. These projects are carried out with the support of local communities and farmers, utilising both traditional techniques and new technology.

Setting The Standard For Eco-Friendly Travel

Drie Op Reis is showing its viewers the importance of caring about the environment while they travel. It is setting an excellent example and actively teaching its viewers how to plan their travels with the environment in mind.

Offset your own travel emissions

With many of us jetting off overseas to enjoy a well deserved holiday, it's important to consider the environmental impact. Through DGB's tree planting scheme, you can easily offset the carbon resulting from your holiday, whilst making a positive impact on biodiversity and nature.

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