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ASUS steps up its sustainability efforts with Carbon Partner Services

ASUS, a global technology leader, has unveiled a groundbreaking solution at Computex 2023. ASUS Carbon Partner Services is an end-to-end offering designed to provide business customers with carbon-offset options that are high-quality, accountable, transparent, and flexible.

ASUS steps up its sustainability efforts_green leaves_visual 1Close-up of green leaves.

In its effort to minimise environmental impact, ASUS has expanded its range of eco-friendly products. It introduced the world's first carbon-neutral verified business laptop, the ExpertBook B9400, which showcases a carbon footprint and modular design for eco-friendly maintenance. 

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ASUS is fully dedicated to reducing its environmental footprint and achieving a net-zero impact. The introduction of ASUS Carbon Partner Services reinforces this commitment by assisting business customers in reaching their sustainability goals. The service will commence this year, starting with the ExpertCenter D9-series desktops and the ultralightweight ExpertBook B9 OLED laptop. Moreover, ASUS plans to offer more flexible options for emissions offsets in the future.

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At Computex 2023, ASUS also presented an array of impressive commercial solutions, including laptops, desktops, and all-in-one PCs tailored to the requirements of modern businesses. The ExpertBook B9 OLED and ExpertBook B5 OLED ultralight laptops stand out with their top-of-the-line performance and professional designs. These laptops have features such as up to 13th Generation Intel Core processors with vPro support, optional TPM 2.0, and biometric login capabilities. Furthermore, they are built with military-grade durability to withstand the challenges of daily business use.

Efforts toward net zero have to be an everyday effort made by each of us. ASUS’s new carbon solutions indicate the rising demand for carbon solutions in the market and the global trend towards net zero. DGB Group is dedicated to conserving nature and offers sustainable solutions for achieving net zero through carbon credits, biodiversity credits, or living more sustainably through planting trees. Our team of experts is ready to support any business in achieving its sustainability goals.

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