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Bain & Company sets new precedent in environmental action with platinum carbon claim

The Voluntary Carbon Market Integrity Initiative (VCMI) has declared Bain & Company as the pioneering organisation to secure a Carbon Integrity Platinum Claim, the most prestigious level of carbon integrity recognition. This distinction highlights Bain & Company's commitment to compensating for more than 100% of its residual emissions by investing in high-quality carbon credits, underscoring an exceptional dedication to internal decarbonisation and impactful environmental contribution.

Bain & Company sets new precedent in environmental action with platinum carbon claim_Old-growth forests in the US_visual 1Old-growth forests in the US, one of nearly 30 sustainability projects of Bain & Company. AI generated picture.

Bain & Company's achievement comes as part of its broader strategy to significantly reduce its carbon footprint and invest in projects that offer tangible benefits to the environment and society. By adhering to the VCMI's rigorous Claims Code of Practice, it not only showcases its environmental achievements but also sets a high benchmark for others in the industry.

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The VCMI's Claims Code offers a structured pathway for companies to make validated carbon integrity claims, featuring three levels of recognition—Silver, Gold, and Platinum—each representing a company's commitment to going beyond standard emissions reductions. This system encourages the use of high-quality carbon credits as a means to further nature action goals and contribute towards global net zero.

Mark Kenber, the VCMI's Executive Director, lauded Bain & Company's leadership and its role in fostering a strengthened voluntary carbon market. Sam Israelit, Bain's Chief Sustainability Officer, emphasised the importance of combining emissions reduction with strategic investments in carbon markets to meet the Paris Agreement's ambitious targets. Bain & Company's participation in VCMI's consultation and early adoption programmes played a crucial role in refining the Claims Code, setting a clear and credible standard for corporate environmental action.

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The process for making a Carbon Integrity Claim is detailed and requires adherence to foundational criteria that align with best practices in corporate environmental action, including emissions disclosure, commitment to net zero, and advocacy for policies supporting the Paris Agreement goals. Bain & Company's commitment to these principles and its proactive approach to reducing emissions and investing in carbon credits exemplify the potential for corporate leadership in nature restoration.

As the VCMI continues to engage with global companies for future Carbon Integrity Claims, Bain & Company's pioneering step serves as a beacon for others, demonstrating the powerful role of high-integrity carbon markets in the transition to net zero.

As the carbon market expands, nature-based solutions are becoming increasingly important. This surge is fueled by a growing need for high-quality carbon credits, often produced through initiatives like reforestation. Such efforts are crucial for meeting environmental goals and providing a practical means for people, businesses, and governments to support global carbon reduction. These projects play a key role in restoring ecosystems, protecting biodiversity, and improving community and planetary health. This positions DGB Group at the forefront of potential growth and impact. Through our nature-based solutions that deliver verified, top-quality carbon credits (carbon units), we offer a pathway for stakeholders to reach their net-zero goals and engage with the burgeoning carbon market and the escalating demand for carbon credits. DGB is here to assist your business in assessing, minimising, and compensating for your carbon footprint so that you can reach your environmental goals.

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