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Revolutionising the carbon market: Argus introduces nature-based removal pricing

Argus, a leading energy and commodity price reporting agency, has recently launched an innovative series of price assessments for nature-based carbon removals in the global voluntary carbon market (VCM). This move comes at a pivotal time, with the market experiencing increased demand and liquidity.

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The new suite by Argus covers three key project types: Improved Forest Management (IFM), Afforestation, Reforestation, and Revegetation (ARR), and Blue Carbon. Each category is meticulously broken down by geographic location and vintage, offering a detailed view of the market.

Traditionally, the VCM has been dominated by emissions avoidance credits, as seen in Argus' prior reports on project types like Avoided Deforestation and Clean Cookstoves. However, recent market shifts have highlighted a growing interest in nature-based emission removal projects, necessitating more nuanced insights.

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Argus' approach stands out for its detailed and specific price assessments, which avoid overgeneralisation. It achieves this by manually validating data, ensuring both reliability and market relevance. The prices are categorised by project type, vintage, and geography, reflecting the true dynamics of market liquidity.

Adrian Binks, Chairman and CEO of Argus Media, emphasised the importance of these developments. He noted that the new pricing strategy, which is a result of extensive market consultation, will bring much-needed clarity to the VCM. This transparency is key to the market's growth and scalability.

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The new nature-based removal prices by Argus will be updated weekly, covering various projects across different regions and vintages, based on real-time market transactions. This comprehensive approach ensures that the prices are accurate reflections of the current market value, bolstering the credibility and effectiveness of the VCM.

DGB Group firmly believes in the power of nature-based solutions as the best way to safeguard and restore our natural world. The voluntary carbon market provides an important pathway for companies striving to achieve their net-zero targets and positively impact nature. Committed to large-scale nature restoration, DGB ensures that businesses, investors, and individuals have the opportunity to reach their sustainability goals and contribute to nature conservation by offering top-tier carbon credits available in the voluntary carbon market.

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