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COP28 unveils $1 billion push for 'new forest economy'

In a groundbreaking move during COP28, the Governors' Climate and Forests Task Force (GCF Task Force) rallied for a $1 billion investment, igniting the creation of a ‘new forest economy’. The urgency behind this initiative lies in redefining priorities—from valuing cleared lands to safeguarding standing forests.

COP28 unveils $1 billion push for new forest economy_Aerial landscape view of mountains and a forest_visual 1Aerial landscape view of mountains and a forest.

The critical need for investment stems from a concerning 10% increase in tropical forest loss in 2022. Carbon emissions from deforestation match those of India, the third-largest emitter globally. Despite commitments, existing funding falls significantly short, estimated at a mere 1% of the required $460 billion annually. The GCF Task Force underscores the pivotal role of subnational governments and communities in driving real-time policy innovation and sustainable development.

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As the world's largest subnational government network dedicated to forests and climate, the GCF Task Force, comprising 43 member states and provinces from 11 countries, stands at the forefront. Their approach involves crafting decarbonisation and investment strategies, presenting ‘shovel-ready’ opportunities to combat deforestation and foster economic growth.

The transformative power of the Governors' call lies in its blended-financing approach, drawing from donor contributions, carbon markets, private sector investments, philanthropy, and more. The goal is to establish a flexible and transparent fund with tangible impacts on deforestation reduction, poverty alleviation, and enhanced forest governance.

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Looking ahead, the GCF Task Force plans a co-design phase spanning the next year to attract partners and chart a flexible fund allocation roadmap. This inclusive approach ensures the involvement of Indigenous peoples, local communities, and government agencies in shaping the new forest economy. Momentum builds through COP28 and beyond, setting the stage for COP30 in 2025, hosted by GCF Task Force member state Para, Brazil. 

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