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Investing green: Corekees' Project Amazon plants the seeds of change

The Amazon Rainforest has been subject to devastating deforestation for decades. Cattle ranching and industrial agriculture have been the main culprits behind the destruction of the region, accounting for over 80% of deforestation. These economic activities involve clearing the Amazon forest for timber and converting it into farmland. However, this destructive cycle perpetuates as farmers exhaust the soil's nutrients and are forced to clear more rainforest to sustain their livelihoods.

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In response, Corekees is implementing agroforestry, a groundbreaking solution as the future of sustainable agriculture. Project Amazon, a regenerative agriculture initiative, embraces this approach by cultivating at least nine different species of native trees and crops on former pastures. By mimicking a complete forest environment, the project restores the soil, sequesters carbon dioxide, and produces climate-positive food. Agroforestry proves that agriculture can contribute to ecological and economic prosperity while safeguarding the Amazon region.

Corekees Project Amazon plants the seeds of change_Corekees regenerative agriculture project in Brazil_visual 1Corekees' regenerative agriculture project in Brazil.

The advantages of agroforestry are numerous. It increases crop yields, restores soil structure and health, offers farmers better income than logging or livestock, prevents soil erosion, and provides large-scale carbon storage. Moreover, agroforestry restores biodiversity and offers protection against diseases and market fluctuations.

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Courageous Land, the local partner of Project Amazon, purchases deforested areas in the Amazon and employs regenerative agricultural practices to restore them. They replant former pastures and fields with diverse indigenous crops and hardwood trees, such as coffee, cocoa, plantains, açai, and mahogany. The organisation's pioneering work has gained recognition, winning the World Economic Forum's prestigious Amazon Bioeconomy Challenge in 2022.

To finance the initiative, Project Amazon offers an opportunity for individuals to invest in regenerative agroforestry. With an investment of €99 per 33 square metres, participants contribute to the restoration efforts in Brazil. Over 17 years, investors receive returns and their loans are repaid. The investment and returns are detailed in the Project Amazon information brochure

The pilot campaign was successfully closed this week as the project reached 100% of the required capital. Corekees aims to scale this project and raise further capital if the project is successful. 

Join the movement towards a greener future and support Corekees to combat deforestation, protect the rainforest, and mitigate the climate crisis. Corekees is a part of the DGB Group family of brands that support and enhance each other and work together to create long-lasting positive impacts.

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