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News and updates from the carbon offsetting industry

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and announcements from the carbon offsetting industry and environmental initiatives. Learn about new projects, partnerships, and regulations that are shaping the future of carbon offsetting, nature restoraiton, and sustainable growth.

Petrobras, the state-controlled Brazilian oil giant, has taken a momentous step in its battle agains..

The Amazon Rainforest has been subject to devastating deforestation for decades. Cattle ranching and..

The Amazon Rainforest, renowned as the world's ‘lungs,’ is undergoing a significant transformation. ..

The Brazilian government has announced that the city of Belém will serve as the host for the 30th Co..

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has hit its lowest level since 2019, according to data from th..

Amazon has announced the development of its new carbon credit label, ABACUS Verified Carbon Unit (VC..