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Brewing prosperity: Brazilian carbon-neutral coffee redefines the market

MonteCCer, the Brazilian coffee co-op, is stirring up the coffee industry with its groundbreaking sale of carbon-neutral arabica coffee. The debut shipment, facilitated by coffee trader Volcafe and destined for Japan, reaped a substantial price premium—100 reais ($17.89) more per bag than conventional certified coffee. This shift marks a significant leap towards a more sustainable and carbon-neutral consumer market.

Brazilian carbon-neutral coffee redefines the market_Close up on brazilian mans hands picking up coffee beans_visual 1Close up on Brazilian man's hands picking up coffee beans.

Regis Damasio Salles, director at monteCCer, hinted at five imminent deals, highlighting a growing interest, including a major US coffee retailer. The unique selling point lies in the carbon-neutral journey of these coffee beans. Unlike conventional coffee plantations, MonteCCer's farms act as carbon sinks, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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The co-op's initiative goes further, implementing eco-friendly techniques across 34 farms in the Cerrado region. Advised by Brazil's NGO Imaflora, these practices include efficient fertiliser use, reliance on bio-products instead of chemicals, and a reduction in power and water consumption, thanks to advanced irrigation methods. This commitment to carbon neutrality aligns with Brazil's recent environmental pledges, demonstrating a positive shift towards sustainable agriculture.

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As uncertainties persist regarding forest protection in the Amazon, initiatives such as monteCCer's carbon-neutral coffee production offer a glimpse of the potential progress. By prioritising environmental responsibility, this co-op showcases how the coffee industry can be a catalyst for positive change in the efforts for nature conservation.

Embracing nature-based solutions emerges as a promising pathway for effective carbon sequestration and nature restoration. At DGB Group, our commitment extends to actively developing these solutions on a grand scale. Through cultivating partnerships among governments, NGOs, and communities, we have the capacity to make a meaningful difference in protecting nature. Our commitment goes beyond carbon mitigation. Our aim is to safeguard the priceless natural resources our planet offers, ensuring a legacy for generations to come. Embracing carbon-neutral or low-carbon products is vital for sustainability and proves to be profitable. Together, we can propel towards a more eco-conscious and responsible future.

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