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News and updates from the carbon offsetting industry

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and announcements from the carbon offsetting industry. Learn about new projects, partnerships, and regulations that are shaping the future of carbon offsetting and sustainable growth.

Investment in carbon credit projects has surged, with over $36 billion invested in the last decade, ..

Afforestation projects and various land-based carbon storage methods are presently undervalued, but ..

Suriname, a South American forest nation, is on track to become the world's first country to sell ca..

Apple has taken a significant step towards its ambitious 2030 climate goal by introducing its first-..

The Ghanaian government is taking significant steps towards regulating the production of carbon cred..

Project Beehive represents a unique and sustainable initiative in Kenya developed by Corekees. The p..

Amazon, the global e-commerce giant, has pledged $3 million towards nature-based projects in India a..

As part of the Africa Climate Summit, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)..

Petrobras, the state-controlled Brazilian oil giant, has taken a momentous step in its battle agains..

Sealord, a large seafood company in the Southern Hemisphere, in partnership with Te Arawa Fisheries ..

In a significant move towards addressing global biodiversity loss, the UK government has pledged £10..

A new report confirms the credibility of the Gold Standard carbon credits. While questions remain ar..

Thousands of hectares of peatlands across England are set to undergo restoration, thanks to the UK g..

In a significant move to address climate impacts, the UAE Carbon Alliance, led by H H Sheikha Shamma..

In a landmark development, corporate engagement in climate action reached new heights in 2022, as th..

In a seismic debt shift, green bonds have surged to prominence, emerging as the cornerstone of the s..

In a recent development, Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe and Singapore's Prime Minister, L..

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Rubicon Carbon, Freepoint Commodities, and Imperative Global, thr..

In a proactive move towards nature conservation, the United States has unveiled a $150 million grant..

The Global Environment Facility’s Seventh Assembly witnessed an exceptional demonstration of interna..

While the financial world shifts its gears towards net-zero targets, a fresh report from non-profit

In a dynamic shift towards addressing environmental challenges, S&P Global's Sustainable1 has unveil..

The Washington State Department of Ecology has unveiled the outcome of the recent emergency carbon a..

The once-nascent voluntary carbon market is positioned for an astonishing transformation, projected ..

Pakistan has set a new goal for its carbon trading sales, targeting $12 billion in revenue by launch..

In an effort to protect natural spaces from the encroachment of urbanisation in Singapore, Ashley We..

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silvahas revealed a visionary initiative to bolster the nati..

The United States Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM) has gr..

In support of its commitment to sustainability and reaching net zero, Shopify Inc has acquired inaug..

Rwanda is making waves in the global carbon market with an ambitious strategy driven by a new forest..

In a groundbreaking shift in environmental policy, the Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) framework has bee..

In a groundbreaking move, Puro.earth, the leading platform for engineered carbon dioxide removals (C..

A collaborative report by the African Natural Capital Alliance (ANCA) and management consulting firm..

Ripple (XRP), a leading blockchain company, has made a groundbreaking move by investing $100 million..

Isometric, a carbon removal registry and science platform, has unveiled groundbreaking data showcasi..

Plan Vivo plans to introduce a biodiversity credit protocol with scientific credibility, accessible ..

The Republic of the Congo has partnered with Renco Group, an Italian construction and engineering fi..

The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (ICVCM) has unveiled its Core Carbon Principle..

The European Commission took a significant step towards promoting sustainability reporting by adopti..

According to Transparency Market Research, a global market research company, the global carbon tradi..

Technology-driven plant nutrition company RLF AgTech has been granted approval for its pioneering pr..

In its 2023 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report, Alibaba announced a significant 13% ..

In a significant development, the National Assembly of Guyana has given the green light to a $148 mi..

In a significant leap towards environmental preservation, the European Union has adopted a groundbre..

London-based climate intelligence startup, Sylvera, has closed a substantial $57 million Series B fu..

Somalia has announced its commitment of $10 million to combat the destructive effects of desertifica..

Tanzania is set to receive a significant boost in its voluntary carbon market as more than 20 compan..

The United States Agriculture Department has announced the establishment of a monitoring and data co..

Japanese forestry company Sumitomo Forestry has spearheaded a groundbreaking initiative by launching..

In anticipation of the seventh Ministerial on Climate Action (MoCA7), which took place on 13 and 14 ..

Australia's digital farming sector takes a significant leap forward as tech pioneer Sensand secures ..

In a significant step towards combating climate change, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute ..

The New Zealand government has introduced a comprehensive package of measures to safeguard native wi..

In a recent report titled Sustaining insect biodiversity in agricultural systems to ensure future fo..

The Voluntary Carbon Market Integrity Initiative (VCMI) has unveiled its Claims Code of Practice, of..

Allied Market Research, a leading market research firm, has recently unveiled its latest report titl..

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) has announced a remarkable $1.4 billion fund aimed at rapidly ..

The urgent need to reverse the environmental damage caused by decades of human activity has prompted..

Despite the challenges in safeguarding natural forests, Cambodia's Ministry of Environment remains c..

The Bahamas' blue carbon credits hold significant value, potentially exceeding $50 billion, and coul..

South Africa has taken a significant step toward safeguarding its biodiversity by publishing and imp..

The Southeast Asian region is grappling with ecological and economic uncertainties caused by disprop..

French State Minister for Ecology, Bérangère Couillard, and UK’s Secretary of State for Environment,..

Recent research carried out by the European Environment Agency has highlighted that the food, constr..

Over a dozen companies, primarily from Saudi Arabia, took part in a significant carbon credit auctio..

Biodiversity loss poses a significant challenge to humanity. In response, Organization for Security ..

The Next 150, a Switzerland-based climate venture operator, introduced General Biochar Systems (GBS)..

The Amazon Rainforest has been subject to devastating deforestation for decades. Cattle ranching and..

In a significant move towards sustainability, Meta, the tech giant formerly known as Facebook, has e..

The Amazon Rainforest, renowned as the world's ‘lungs,’ is undergoing a significant transformation. ..

The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (Miga), the insurance arm of the World Bank, is develop..

The recent auction on the Washington cap-and-invest market has produced remarkable statistics, raisi..

Global discussions are underway among 145 countries to address plastic pollution and formulate a com..

According to a recent analysis, the cost of carbon offsetting for companies could significantly incr..

India's groundbreaking Project Tiger, designed to rescue the country's iconic big cat from the brink..

The Brazilian government has announced that the city of Belém will serve as the host for the 30th Co..

In a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers have..

A set of groundbreaking guidelines has been introduced by the Science Based Targets Network (SBTN) t..

ASUS, a global technology leader, has unveiled a groundbreaking solution at Computex 2023. ASUS Carb..

The Swedish fintech company Klarna has revealed its latest climate commitment, pledging $2.35 millio..

According to groundbreaking research conducted by Queen's University Belfast (QUB), almost half of E..

A recent report by BloombergNEF analysed eight existing biodiversity crediting schemes and assessed ..

Aviva, the United Kingdom's largest insurance company, is setting a remarkable example with its unwa..

Vietnam is gearing up to establish its own carbon trade exchange by 2028, as outlined in a draft car..

A new report from the World Bank Group shows that carbon markets and pricing have evolved significan..

The biodiversity market, a rapidly expanding sector, should have more flexibility in measuring and r..

In a recent interview, VCMI’s Executive Director, Mark Kenber, shared key insights on voluntary carb..

A recent report from ShareAction emphasises the urgent need to reduce agrochemical use to halt and r..

A recent study conducted in Canada's National Forest Inventory reveals that maintaining diverse fore..

In a significant development, Finnish scientists have introduced a pilot project toolkit designed to..

Protecting and restoring the planet's delicate natural resources comes at a price, but it's far less..

The global carbon capture and storage market is anticipated to witness a remarkable compound annual ..

Companies that purchase carbon credits are making greater strides in reducing their actual emissions..

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) in Indonesia is actively working to launch carbon exchange tr..

Ecuador has successfully closed its largest ‘debt-for-nature’ exchange, securing $12 million annuall..

In a move that highlights the increasing popularity of debt swaps for environmental causes, the Bank..

S&P Global Sustainable1 has introduced Nature & Biodiversity Risk, a groundbreaking dataset that eva..

Red Sea Global, the visionary developer behind two exceptional regenerative tourism projects, The Re..

The University of Minnesota is set to receive a $20 million grant over five years from the National ..

Environmental NGO Re:wild has introduced the Kawari Fund, a new initiative to promote the inclusive ..

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has hit its lowest level since 2019, according to data from th..

The Institute for Forest and Agricultural Management and Certification (Imaflora) introduced the Car..

InsightAce Analytic's latest research reveals that the global carbon credit market size is valued at..

The Australian government announced plans to create a new Net Zero Authority to support communities,..

Verra, a leading certification body, and Panama's Ministry of Environment (MiAMBIENTE) have signed a..

The NextGen CDR Facility, a joint venture between Swiss carbon project developer South Pole and Mits..

The United Kingdom government announced new funding for large-scale projects to address nature loss ..

Robeco, a global asset management firm, has released the results of its annual global survey, which ..

The World Bank has unveiled a $50m Emission Reduction-Linked Bond to finance low-carbon development ..

The European Parliament passed a new law on 19 April 2023 to fight deforestation and forest degradat..

The Rhino and Forest Fund (RFF), a German conservation NGO, is working to create wildlife corridors ..

Road transport significantly contributes to carbon emissions, accounting for approximately 80% of tr..

A new report by the US Department of Energy (DOE) revealed that the United States must capture and p..

Removing woody vines, known as lianas, from selected trees in managed forests globally could decreas..

Credit One Bank joined forces with the Arbor Day Foundation in a new partnership aimed at supporting..

A global coalition of investors, including Canada’s Desjardins, Fondaction, Manulife, and Vancity, r..

The Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) released a report detailing the financial implications of en..

Carbon credits have been a lot in the news lately, and for a good reason. In 2022, the global carbon..

On 18 April, the European Parliament voted to approve a sweeping reform of European Union (EU) clima..

US-based carbon registry Verra released a draft of its consolidated methodology for avoiding unplann..

A recent study found that protecting and restoring wildlife populations could play a significant rol..

NASCAR's new impact platform, NASCAR IMPACT, aims to reduce the organisation's carbon footprint to z..

Martello, a UK-based transition capital company, entered the voluntary carbon credits market, aiming..

The United States of America and Tanzania jointly launched the Heshimu Bahari project on 4 April 202..

Europe's first carbon credit accounting methodology for seagrass bed protection was developed by a c..

Carbon Neutral Royalty, a Vancouver-based firm that supports carbon credits generating projects in t..

Qatar's Minister of Environment and Climate Change, H E Sheikh Dr Faleh bin Nasser bin Ahmed bin Ali..

Green bond sales reached a new record high in the first quarter of 2023, despite a brief market shut..

Investment in nature-based solutions could create up to 20 million new jobs worldwide, particularly ..

An innovative agroforestry project in the United Kingdom at Eves Hill Farm in Booton, near Reepham, ..

A coalition of governments has launched the Freshwater Challenge, an unprecedented initiative to res..

The effectiveness of REDD+ carbon credits has recently been discussed, raising important questions i..

India unveiled a draft plan for a carbon credit trading scheme, seeking input from stakeholders unti..

Parents and students from pastoralist communities in Nasuulu, Oldonyiro, and Biliqo Bulesa Community..

The European Union (EU) is set to auction its carbon credits earlier than planned this year, beginni..

The Australian government introduced a new Nature Repair Bill to parliament, which will issue tradab..

A new study has shown that infrastructure development poses a significant threat to biodiversity and..

Mongolia's largest commercial bank, Khan Bank, announced the issuance of the country's first green b..

According to Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack, forests across the United States (US) face unpreced..

Siemens Energy AG raised €1.5 billion ($1.63 billion) in its first-ever green bond issue, according ..

Forests play an essential role in many aspects of our lives, ranging from wellbeing to agriculture. ..

New data released by climate disclosure organisation CDP shows that only 41% of companies that repor..

New Forests, a global forestry investment company, started measuring biodiversity baselines across i..

Singapore-based carbon exchange Climate Impact X (CIX) announced on 23 March 2023 the launch of a na..

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) approved $587.7 million in new climate finance for developing nations. ..

Corekees, operating under the umbrella of DGB Group, started its first campaign to plant bamboo in E..

Xpansiv recently released its annual carbon market review for 2022. The report highlights key trends..

The Biodiversity Credit Alliance (BCA) has significant potential to perform a crucial role to the cr..

Liimerick Enterprise Development Partnership (LEDP) announced it will plant 7,000 native Irish woodl..

The Kennemer Group's cacao-based agroforestry programme has been awarded the first nature-based solu..

The new European Union (EU) regulation banning agricultural products linked to deforestation and for..

The voluntary carbon markets (VCMs), which have gained momentum in recent years as corporations seek..

A new study identified more than 9.9 billion individual trees in the arid region between the wetter ..

On 10 February 2023, the Japanese Cabinet confirmed the Basic Plan for the GX: Green Transformation ..

A team of researchers from the National University of San Luis developed a low-cost, open-access dro..

Russia emits around 2–3 billion tonnes of carbon emissions annually, accounting for about 5% of glob..

South Africa launched a new initiative that could be invaluable to researchers and scientists worldw..

Costa Rica is a hub for ecotourism and attracts visitors from around the world interested in explori..

Rwanda is looking to join the carbon market and will be announcing its offering in April 2023, accor..

NH Investment & Securities, a prominent South Korean securities firm, has teamed up with 4EN to vent..

The African Development Bank (AfDB) announced the issuance of a 1 billion Norwegian krone (NOK) (aro..

To create a viable framework for measuring and reporting universities' carbon footprint, a standardi..

A new European survey on sustainable food was conducted by leading international market research com..

Stafford Capital Partners secured $242 million in initial commitments from three UK local government..

Colombia announced the creation of a new agency focused on climate action, which will determine the ..

Corekees and Bamboologic are offering private individuals in Europe a unique opportunity to invest i..

Madagascar has a population of over 14,880 plant species. 80% of which are unique to this large is..

A new report released by Masdar (the host of the Abu Dhabi Sustainable Week) has called for increase..

Biodiversity insurance hypothesis means that species diversity in a given ecosystem makes the ecosys..

Scientists estimate that boreal forests store twice as much carbon per area compared to tropical for..

The European Union (EU) has agreed on comprehensive guidelines for issuing green bonds to meet the b..

Citibank has announced its targets to reduce emissions linked to loans for coal mining, steel, auto,..

France, along with two non-profit organisations, pledged a total of €100 million towards an action p..

New Zealand has one of the highest amounts of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions coming from agriculture..

The United Kingdom (UK) government announced a fund of £14 million so that local governments and com..

After 10 years of negotiation, UN member states secured an agreement to protect the waters at the UN..

Australia rejected a plan to build a new coal mine close to the Great Barrier Reef just off the coas..

Chile is on the verge of becoming a world-leading exporter of green hydrogen production with the ope..

Planetary Technologies released a measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) protocol for ocean-..

Amazon has announced the development of its new carbon credit label, ABACUS Verified Carbon Unit (VC..

Counteract, a new venture capital (VC) fund solely dedicated to carbon removal technologies, has rai..

The European Union (EU) plans to provide permits, regulatory support, and easier access to public an..

A vote on the European law to ban the sale of new CO2-emitting cars in 2035 has been postponed until..

Isolated wetlands operate as pollution-catching powerhouses by filtering excess nitrogen produced by..

In the degraded mountainous slopes of South Taiwan, Professor Tzen-Yuh Chiang's team aims to promote..

A tropical kelp forest, a form of algae often only seen in cooler waters, has been discovered south ..

Over 20 companies within the carbon-removal industry have launched a coalition to lobby the United S..

Tesla set a new record in carbon credit sales in 2022 from selling credits to other automakers. Find..

The Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean (CAF) is set to launch a programme promoting..

Carbon farming startup Loam Bio has recently closed a Series B funding round, raising $73 million to..

The global carbon market has grown significantly in recent years, with the value of traded carbon pe..

On 10 February 2023, LanzaTech, an innovative carbon capture and transformation (CCT) company, began..

In the global movement towards decarbonisation, carbon credits have emerged as a crucial tool for re..

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is investing $15 billion in various low-carbon projects to re..

Nigeria's National Council on Climate Change (NCCC) has announced that it will introduce a carbon ta..

Carbon markets are heating up across the United States, with states increasingly seeking to curb the..

On 19 December 2022, the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework was adopted during the Unite..