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Microsoft expands environmental commitment with major Brazilian reforestation deal

In a major push towards environmental sustainability, Microsoft Corp has teamed up with key Brazilian figures, including a former central banker and a prominent billionaire family, to undertake extensive reforestation in Brazil. This collaboration, facilitated through Re.green, a nascent reforestation enterprise, marks Microsoft's second substantial investment in Brazil's nature-based carbon credits in the last six months.

Microsoft expands environmental commitment with major Brazilian reforestation deal_Two macaw parrots sitting on a tree branch in a Brazilian forest_visual 1Two macaw parrots sitting on a tree branch in a Brazilian forest. AI generated picture.

Re.green announced in early May that it has secured its largest carbon dioxide removal (CDR) project with Microsoft. The initiative will rejuvenate over 16,000 hectares of degraded pasturelands in Brazil, mainly in the states of Maranhão and Bahia. The project involves the planting of at least 10.7 million native trees.

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Thiago Picolo, CEO of Re.green, expressed confidence in the partnership, noting that it sets a benchmark for high-quality, scientifically backed carbon removal. ‘This collaboration serves as tangible evidence that this market not only exists but has significant potential for growth in Brazil. We are committed to forging additional partnerships of this calibre’, said Picolo.

Brian Marrs, Microsoft’s senior director for energy and carbon removal, emphasised the significance of this venture. ‘High-quality, nature-based solutions are vital to addressing climate change and we are excited to pursue this offtake deal in Brazil with Re.green’, Marrs commented.

The agreement aims to generate approximately three million carbon removal credits over 15 years, further solidifying Microsoft's dedication to achieving carbon neutrality and addressing historical emissions. This reforestation effort highlights a growing trend among tech companies investing in green initiatives.

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As environmental awareness increases worldwide, the demand and price for premium carbon credits are rising. This trend is reshaping financial strategies to target both profitability and environmental enhancement. For companies, purchasing carbon credits not only strengthens their sustainability profiles and compliance with emission standards but also enhances their public reputation. Specifically, investing in DGB Group's verified carbon units offers unique benefits, as our commitment to high-quality, nature-based projects significantly boosts biodiversity, ecosystem restoration, and community development.

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