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Transparent trading: Taiwan's 60-day countdown to carbon credit commerce

In a significant stride towards environmental responsibility, the Ministry of Environment (MOENV) of Taiwan has unveiled draft regulations governing domestic carbon credit trading. This marks the commencement of a 60-day public consultation period, underlining a commitment to transparency and public involvement.

Taiwans 60-day countdown to carbon credit commerce_View of Shifen Waterfall in Taiwan_visual 1View of Shifen Waterfall, the largest curtain-type waterfall in Taiwan.

The regulations, published ahead of the debut of international carbon credits on Taiwan's Carbon Solution Exchange (TCX) on December 22, outline the framework for trading. The 60-day public comment period starting immediately encourages stakeholders to contribute to shaping the regulatory landscape.

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Trading on the TCX platform, established in August, will involve set-price trading, auctioning, and negotiated trading. Sellers engaged in voluntary emissions reduction projects, and buyers, compelled by the Climate Change Response Act, are pivotal players in this exchange.

The unit of trade is a metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), with emissions converted based on global warming potential. An interesting feature of the regulations is that once carbon credits are traded and transferred, they cannot be re-traded or re-auctioned, closing potential loopholes.

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Government oversight is evident through the MOENV's authority to set a floor or cap price as needed. This discretionary power aims to prevent drastic market fluctuations, ensuring stability and discouraging unwarranted speculation.

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