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Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange set to unveil global carbon credit trading

The Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange (TCX) Chairman, Sherman Lin, revealed exciting news during the Net-Zero Taiwan International Summit, hosted as part of the Energy Taiwan 2023 exhibition. Lin announced that the TCX anticipates making international carbon credits available for purchase by the end of December this year, surpassing the availability of domestic carbon credits.

Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange set to unveil global carbon credit trading_Landscape view of Thousand Island Lake_visual 1Landscape view of Thousand Island Lake, New Taipei, Taiwan.

Domestic carbon credit trading is contingent upon the commencement of carbon fee collection, which is not projected to be initiated until 2025.

In contrast to the traditional cap-and-trade system adopted by the EU, Taiwan's approach focuses on carbon fees and voluntary emissions reductions. Under a cap-and-trade system, industries operate within a predefined emissions cap and must purchase credits if they exceed their allowance. The TCX, which launched in August, supports companies in carbon disclosure.

Lin, also serving as Chairman of the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE), emphasised that pricing carbon emissions can incentivise low-carbon technology innovation and foster startups dedicated to these innovations. He noted the role of the Taiwan Innovation Board (TIB) in supporting innovative startups with innovative technologies through the capital market. The TIB, introduced by the TWSE in 2021, aims to enable technology-focused companies to secure long-term funding through the capital market.

Furthermore, the TCX recently signed an agreement with the British Standards Institution to establish certification programmes for carbon credit exchange professionals in Taiwan. Completion of these programmes and successful examination results will grant individuals certification to undertake carbon-credit-related tasks in listed companies and institutions in Taiwan. This collaboration with internationally renowned institutions is expected to streamline the current information disorder in Taiwan's carbon credit exchange system.

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Meanwhile, the Ministry of Environment (MOENV) affirmed that the carbon fee rate will be determined by a review committee in the first quarter of 2024. This clarification followed Vice Premier Cheng Wen-tsan's statement regarding an anticipated carbon fee rate of 320 New Taiwan dollar (approximately $10) per metric tonne, made during the Energy Taiwan 2023 event on 18 October.

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