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Lake Aral Afforestation Project, Kazakhstan

Discover the Lake Aral Afforestation Project: Reclaiming the Aral Sea's banks in Kazakhstan through saxaul planting, fostering resilient ecosystems, stabilising soil, and mitigating environmental challenges.

Project general info

shutterstock_403138900 (1) (1) Aral Sea in the Kyzylorda Region, Kazakhstan
Project goal
The project aims to counter the negative impacts of salt, dust, and sand from the dried banks of the Aral Sea, a major environmental problem in the region.
Team members
rieks bosch_profile picture_orange-1

Rieks Bosch
Project Director Kazakhstan

nicholas wall_profile picture_orange-1

Nicholas Wall
Head of New Projects

Project description

The Lake Aral Afforestation Project in Kazakhstan focuses on the reclamation and restoration of the dried banks of the Aral Sea in the Kyzylorda Region through planting saxaul vegetation and creating new saxaul ecosystems. These ecosystems will help stabilise the soil, improve air quality, and mitigate the impacts of sand-salt storms. Saxual is a hardy, salt-tolerant tree species well suited to the harsh conditions of the dried banks of the Aral Sea. The project will also incorporate improved grazing techniques. 

Project ID
Currently in the feasibility study phase.

Positive impact on local communities

The afforestation project in Kazakhstan is expected to positively impact local communities and the environment in the Kyzylorda Region. Planting saxaul will help stabilise the soil, improve air quality, mitigate the impacts of sand-salt storms, and improve the overall environmental conditions in the area. The project will also provide jobs and other economic opportunities for the local communities. The project involves working closely with local communities, governments, and other stakeholders to ensure that the project is implemented sustainably and responsibly and that the benefits are shared by all.

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Environmental impact through afforestation

DGB works closely with local communities to ensure that the project aligns with their needs and priorities and that they and the environment can benefit from the project's positive, long-term, sustainable impacts. This is achieved by collaborating with local partners, undertaking local consultations, developing community projects, providing training, and protecting local livelihoods.

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Project timeline

The afforestation project in Kazakhstan is not just a short-term endeavour, but a long-term commitment to the environment and the future. With a minimum lifespan of 41 years, this project is designed to make a lasting impact that will benefit generations to come. By dedicating such a significant amount of time and resources, we are ensuring the sustainability and longevity of the project, allowing it to thrive and create enduring positive effects on the ecosystem.

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The Lake Aral Afforestation Project pipeline

  • New projects
  • Feasibility study
  • Project design
  • Project validation
  • Project implementation
  • Periodic verification
  • Project completion

The project's impact

The afforestation endeavor in Kazakhstan's Kyzylorda Region nurtures trees and fosters a profound transformation. The strategic cultivation of saxaul offers a range of benefits, combating erosion, purifying the air, and stimulating local economies. In collaboration with local communities and stakeholders, DGB ensures the project's longevity and equitable benefits. Afforestation goes beyond planting trees—it cultivates a thriving, sustainable ecosystem that enhances human life and safeguards the environment for future generations.

Types of trees
Saxaul (haloxylon genus)

Where the project is located

shutterstock_403138900 (1) (1) Aral Sea in the Kyzylorda Region, Kazakhstan

About this region

The project region is located in the Kyzylorda Region of Kazakhstan, at the northern end of the dried banks of the Aral Sea. The Aral Sea is a major environmental concern in the region, as the shrinking of the sea leads to increased levels of salt, dust, and sand, negatively impacting air quality, human health, and the local ecology. The Kyzylorda Region is a sparsely populated area with a harsh desert climate. It is considered one of the most ecologically fragile regions of Kazakhstan.

Lake Aral Afforestation Project diaries

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What we will achieve with this project


trees to be planted


tonnes CO₂ to be captured


hectares to be restored


Farmers positively impacted

Find out more in the project booklet

Join us to witness the incredible transformation as we breathe new life into once barren lands. Together, we can make a lasting impact and leave a legacy of environmental stewardship for future generations.

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Project investment process

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Assess your environmental footprint

The first step is to measure and understand the impact of your business and commit to environmental responsibility. By doing so, businesses benefit the planet and gain a competitive edge. We prioritise nature restoration, offering businesses a path to a greener future. With our carbon footprint calculator, you can get clarity on your business’ environmental impact.

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Invest in environmental solutions

Once you've measured your impact, the next step is to offset your carbon footprint and develop strategies that leverage nature-based solutions. Carbon offsetting is about investing in positive environmental impact. Our nature-based approach ensures you contribute to tangible, nature-positive outcomes that align with your values and vision, contributing to a more sustainable world.

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Report on your nature-positive impact

After you have offset your carbon footprint, you can celebrate being nature positive. You can communicate your positive impact to stakeholders. DGB can help you with your ESG reporting as well as corporate communication strategies. This isn't just about accountability and transparency; it's an opportunity to inspire others and showcase the tangible benefits of investing in nature conservation.

Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

In the context of international carbon markets and the Paris Agreement, Kazakhstan currently does not have finalised national legislation corresponding with the internationally established Article 6 framework.

How can we help you?

At the core of our mission lies the preservation of nature and the fostering of biodiversity. DGB Group is actively working to restore nature. Join us in creating a greener future through impactful nature-based projects. Reach out to us to learn more about our work.