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How cookstoves impact millions of lives?

Using an energy-efficient stove has a significant positive impact! In this photo you see me in a traditional African household, where two very nice ladies were preparing dinner on an open fire in their home.


The negative health impacts of cooking with wood or charcoal (as well as fuels such as kerosine) are felt by millions globally. Household air pollution, resulting from these practices, results in a premature mortality rate of an estimated four million people annually.

The use of an energy-efficient stove improves the health and overall development of cleanliness and wellbeing of a household tremendously.

On top of that, each energy-efficient stove saves 25 Tons of CO2 emission when compared to conventional, open fire cooking. The reduction in wood use can effectively reduce this source of deforestation, allowing afforestation or conservation projects to be more effective.

DGB.earth is currently manufacturing 150,000 energy-efficient cookstoves in Kenya and another 150,000 in Cameroon. The distribution will start later this year.


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