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Project management team from Kenya visits the Netherlands

The DGB Kenya management team recently visited the Netherlands to meet with various stakeholders and partners in the country. The aim of the visit was to strengthen existing partnerships and explore new opportunities for collaboration.

During their visit, the team had a series of meetings with key stakeholders in the agriculture industry, including Coöperatie The Greenery. The team shared insights into the progress made in the Hongera agroforestry project and discussed ways to expand the project’s impact.

The team also visited several agricultural institutions and research centers in the country to learn about the latest innovations in sustainable agriculture and explore potential collaborations.

The visit provided a platform to share information about the Hongera project and its positive impact on the environment and communities in Kenya. The trip was seen as a success by both the DGB Kenya management team and their Dutch counterparts. It demonstrated the importance of collaboration and partnerships in achieving sustainable development goals.








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