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The tree nursery is expanding in Cameroon

A few weeks ago our team planted the first trees in Cameroon!  While the time for planting trees does not span over the entire year, the project moves forward in other ways. Until the proper season to plant the trees in the nursery arrives, our team will be expanding the current nursery to host even more trees. 300 thousand more, to be exact!

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Tree nurseries are a crucial element in our projects. First, our team always begins by acquiring the seeds, and then seeing that they sprout. The seedlings are then moved into plastic bags (as it’s visible in the photo below) into the nursery. This is where the seedlings develop until the tree is 3 to 6 months year old and ready to be permanently relocated to the fields.  

The tree nursery is expanding in cameroon!!-1

By next year in May, more than one million trees will have been planted in Cameroon. And by the end of the project, three million trees will thrive on the plains of Cameroon. The project is implemented in the central region of Cameroon, a region rich in the levels of precipitation, with a steady climate and fertile soils. Such are the factors that can guarantee the success of our project.

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The trees in the nursery pictured below are ready to be planted in the fields. Once they reach this stage of healthy, lush, bushy saplings, once they almost outgrow their hosting bag, the trees are prepared to be planted in the fields and develop organically.

The tree nursery is expanding in cameroon-1

The efforts of the team are in concert with the local community’s. The locals are part of the process, from planting to taking care of the trees afterward, and finally harvesting. They are supported financially and technically by our team, but in the end it is them who have a major stake in the project.

The trees to be planted are a selection of fruit trees and nut trees that the locals will directly benefit from in the future, while the positive indirect impacts will reverberate globally.

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First tree planted in Cameroon!

Our team planted the first trees in Cameroon during a ceremonial planting event. This was the kickstart to thier largest afforestation project in the country. By May 2023, 1.2 million trees will have been planted in the fields. This represents a great milestone for the progress of the Cameroon reforestation project.

The tree nursery is expanding in cameroon!-1

The timeline of our afforestation projects always starts from securing the seeds. Compiling a diversity of fruit and nut trees, the seeds are cared for to become sprouts which are them moved to big nurseries hosting hundreds of thousands of saplings until they are mature enough to be planted into the fields.

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