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Harvesting innovation: DGB's new home at Wageningen University’s BioScience Center

DGB Group, a company dedicated to nature conservation and supporting the global environment to prosper through nature-based solutions, has embarked on a significant journey. On the 1st of September 2023, the entire Dutch office of DGB completed its relocation to the prestigious BioScience Center belonging to the Wageningen Research Institute. It is strategically positioned at the heart of Wageningen University—one of the world's foremost institutions in agroforestry, agriculture, and forestry research.

DGBs new home at Wageningen University’s BioScience Centre_Building of the Wageningen University’s BioScience Centre_visual 1Aerial view of Wageningen University.

The decision to make this move was a meticulously considered one, rooted in the aspiration to enhance DGB's foothold within the industry. Wageningen University's global reputation for excellence in agroforestry systems, agriculture, and related fields made it the ideal choice. This move signifies more than just a change of location; it symbolises a pivotal step forward in DGB's mission to drive sustainability in agriculture.

A synergy of purpose

At the core of this relocation lies the alignment of DGB's mission with the research conducted at the Wageningen Research Institute. Both entities share common objectives, such as reforestation through innovative agroforestry systems and the development of biochar to increase soil organic carbon. The proximity of DGB to the research institute offers exciting opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange. By working closely together, DGB aims to harness the full potential of the partnership to further sustainable practices and agricultural innovation.

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More than an office space

This transition is not solely about securing office space; it also opens up exciting possibilities for hands-on work. DGB is actively exploring the option of renting land adjacent to the institute to establish its own agroforestry pilot projects. This land would serve as a practical laboratory for research and development, enabling DGB to test and refine its sustainable agricultural practices. Moreover, it provides a tangible showcase for clients, allowing them to witness the real-world applications of DGB's solutions.

Located in close proximity to DGB's offices, Wageningen University's Farm of the Future is a thrilling neighbour to have. The Farm of the Future stands as a testament to the marriage of cutting-edge technology and sustainable farming practices. From diverse crop cultivation to soil improvement techniques, renewable energy utilisation, and efficient water management, the institute is pioneering the future of agriculture.

DGBs new home at Wageningen University’s BioScience Centre_sustainable agriculture concept_visual 2Farmer taking soil samples and looking at plant growth in a farm - sustainable agriculture.

Wageningen University's Farm of the Future exemplifies how technology can be harnessed to achieve sustainable agriculture. Its commitment to crop diversity, soil enhancement, renewable energy adoption, and efficient water management showcases the remarkable strides that can be made in the field. The use of technology, including advanced weed recognition systems and precision farming techniques, is transforming the landscape of agriculture.

DGBs new home at Wageningen University’s BioScience Centre_Solar panels above strawberry plants_visual 3Solar panels above strawberry plants, Wageningen University.

Towards a sustainable future

DGB's relocation to Wageningen University's BioScience Center represents a monumental leap forward in its journey towards sustainable agriculture. The alignment of visions and the promising prospects of collaboration with a world-class research institute bode well for the future. This move not only signifies a change in location but also marks a strategic shift towards realising DGB's vision of a more sustainable, environmentally conscious agricultural industry.

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As DGB continues to settle into its new surroundings, the potential for growth and impact becomes even more evident. The move is a testament to our commitment to sustainable practices, reforestation, and soil improvement. With the resources and opportunities that being part of Wageningen University's ecosystem provides, DGB is positioned for a future filled with innovation, collaboration, and a meaningful contribution to sustainable farming practices.

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