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COP26 Roundtable - Greenwashing: Why do biodiversity credits represents the best way to address the carbon offsetting conundrum?

Euronext-listed DutchGreen Business Group N.V., a leading reforestation and carbon offsetting company, invites you to attend a virtual roundtable for media on Thursday 4th November at 11am (UK). The Zoom meeting will last one hour and will cover the pressing topic of how high quality biodiversity credits offer the most impactful opportunity for individuals and companies to help restore nature. With concerns around greenwashing high on the agenda, this roundtable will highlight why standard carbon offsets aren’t sufficient to tackle the climate crisis.

Three of the COP26 goals are focused on mankind’s need to curtail deforestation as part of its route to secure net zero, a need to adapt to protect communities, natural habitats and ecosystems plus mobilising finance to make it all work. DGB is proactively involved in all these areas and this roundtable will be an opportunity for you to ask its conservation project experts who are working on the ground how they are making this work in practice

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