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Land & Carbon Lab's 2023 Summit: harnessing geospatial data for climate and nature restoration

Join us at the Land & Carbon Lab's 2023 Summit, a transformative event aimed at leveraging geospatial data to address the pressing challenges of climate change, nature restoration, and sustainable development. This exciting summit, live-streamed from Brussels from 27 to 29 June, will bring together policymakers, practitioners, and innovators from around the world. Together, we will explore how geospatial data can empower locally-led projects, enhance restoration policies, and promote transparency across landscapes. In collaboration with the World Resources Institute's Global Restoration Initiative, the summit’s Landscape Restoration track will delve into insightful sessions, showcasing practical examples and innovative approaches to monitoring and advancing restoration efforts.

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Day 1: June 27

Session 1: How to Monitor 100 Locally Led Land Restoration Projects in Africa: Lessons from TerraFund for AFR100 | 11:00 CEST, 9:00 UTC

Kickstarting the summit, this session will deep dive into the implementation challenges faced by TerraFund for AFR100, which has provided funding for 100 locally-led projects aimed at restoring Africa's degraded and deforested land through tree growth. Learn about the lessons and best practices for monitoring, reporting, and verifying restoration efforts while building the capacity of local champions.

Day 2: June 28

Session 2: Monitoring Landscape Policy and Public Incentives for Adaptive Management of Restoration Initiatives | 11:00 CEST, 9:00 UTC

In this session, we will explore how countries, despite limited resources, can measure progress, impacts, and performance of restoration policies. Land & Carbon Lab and its partners will present innovative methods and tools for effectively monitoring restoration initiatives. Discover how adaptive management practices can play a vital role in maximising the impact of restoration efforts.

Session 3: A Vision for Restoration Monitoring: Transparency and Accountability Across Projects and Landscapes | 13:30 CEST, 11:30 UTC

With a growing interest in monitoring land restoration, this session will provide practical examples from various institutions that showcase effective approaches to monitoring at different scales. From local projects to landscapes and national, regional, and global initiatives, gain insights into transparent and accountable restoration monitoring methods that can drive impactful change.

Session 4: Carbon Measurement for Land Restoration Projects: A Low-Cost, High-Accuracy Future? | 11:00 CEST, 9:00 UTC

Exploring the intersection of carbon finance and land restoration, this session will discuss the challenges and potential solutions for collecting accurate data from locally-led projects. Learn about the integration of remote sensing into carbon credit verification and how it can empower local communities while promoting measurable carbon removals.

Day 3: June 29

Session 5: Transboundary Coalitions for Land Restoration: Challenges and Advances in Collecting High-Quality Data | 13:30 CEST, 11:30 UTC

Collaboration is crucial in land restoration, and this session will bring together transboundary partnerships from Brazil, Africa, and India. By sharing their experiences and insights, landscape leaders will discuss the challenges, achievements, and lessons learned in building networks of local actors to measure environmental impact and improve livelihoods. Discover the power of collaboration in unlocking successful restoration initiatives.

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The Land & Carbon Lab's 2023 Summit promises to be an enlightening event that explores the potential of geospatial data in driving climate action, nature restoration, and sustainable development. With an impressive lineup of sessions, led by expert policymakers, practitioners, and innovators, the summit offers a unique opportunity to learn from practical examples and innovative approaches. Take the chance to be a part of this global movement and contribute to the advancement of restoration efforts. Join us from 27–29 June as we work together to create a sustainable and resilient future for our planet.

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