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Glencore: investing in biodiversity conservation through offsets

Glencore, a multinational commodity trading and mining company, has been at the forefront of responsible corporate sustainability practices. The company is committed to minimising its environmental impact and ensuring that its operations contribute positively to local communities and ecosystems. One of the key ways Glencore achieves this is through using biodiversity offsets as part of its sustainability strategy.

Biodiversity offsets are a means of compensating for the negative impact that a company's operations have on biodiversity by investing in the conservation, restoration, or enhancement of biodiversity in other locations. This helps to ensure that the net impact of a company's operations on biodiversity is neutral or positive.

Glencore has been investing in biodiversity offsets for many years, recognising the importance of preserving and protecting biodiversity for future generations. The company directly funds conservation projects or purchases credits generated from such projects, which help to conserve, restore, or enhance biodiversity.

One of the projects Glencore has been involved in is the restoration of degraded wetlands in South Africa. The project aims to restore the wetlands to their natural state, thereby improving water quality, providing habitat for aquatic and terrestrial species, and enhancing carbon sequestration. Glencore’s investment in the project helped support local communities and economies and contributed to the conservation of vital biodiversity.

Another example of Glencore’s investment in biodiversity offsets is a reforestation project in Indonesia. The project aims to restore degraded forest lands to their original state, providing habitat for endangered species, sequestering carbon, and improving water quality. Glencore’s investment in this project helped support local communities by creating employment opportunities and contributing to conserving vital biodiversity.

Glencore’s use of biodiversity offsets demonstrates its commitment to responsible corporate sustainability practices. By investing in projects that aim to conserve, restore, or enhance biodiversity, Glencore helps to mitigate the impact of its operations on the environment and contributes positively to local communities and ecosystems. Through its leadership, Glencore inspires other companies to follow in its footsteps and adopt more sustainable business practices.

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