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Heerema's voyage to a greener future: anchored in sustainability

Heerema is a leading offshore engineering and construction company that has made significant strides towards sustainability and environmental stewardship. This case study examines Heerema's journey towards sustainability and its commitment to achieving climate neutrality by 2025.

Heeremas voyage to a greener future_Sea turtle family swimming in the depth_visual 1Sea turtle family swimming in the depth.

Sustainability initiatives

Heerema's sustainability initiatives encompass various aspects of its operations, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its efforts aim to minimise its environmental footprint, prioritise safety, foster innovation, and engage with communities to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Environmental responsibility

Recognising the importance of environmental conservation, Heerema actively works to reduce the impact of its operations. It employs innovative technologies and sustainable practices to minimise emissions, energy consumption, waste generation, and the use of non-renewable resources. By protecting marine ecosystems and promoting ecological balance, Heerema ensures responsible environmental stewardship. 


Heerema fosters a culture of innovation to develop sustainable solutions for the offshore industry's challenges. It invests in research and development to enhance operational efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and embrace emerging technologies. By promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing, Heerema aims to drive industry-wide innovation and progress.

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Social engagement

Heerema actively supports local communities and focuses on social development. It promotes diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities within its workforce. Additionally, Heerema partners with local organisations to create social initiatives that benefit society, contributing to economic growth and social wellbeing.

Climate-neutral certification by 2025

Heerema's commitment to combating environmental issues includes a significant milestone: achieving climate-neutral certification by 2025. This certification will recognise Heerema's efforts to measure, reduce, and offset its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across its operations.

Measuring GHG emissions

Heerema employs rigorous measurement and monitoring practices to assess its GHG emissions. It conducts comprehensive carbon footprint assessments, identifying emission sources and establishing a baseline for future reduction targets.

Reducing emissions

Heerema is dedicated to reducing its carbon emissions through various initiatives. It prioritises energy efficiency measures, promotes using renewable energy sources, and optimises vessel performance to minimise fuel consumption. Additionally, Heerema implements innovative engineering solutions that enhance operational efficiency and reduce environmental impacts. 

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Offsetting emissions

To offset remaining GHG emissions that cannot be eliminated through reduction measures, Heerema invests in high-quality carbon offset projects. These projects support activities such as reforestation, renewable energy development, and sustainable community initiatives, thereby neutralising its overall carbon footprint.

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Results and impact

Heerema's sustainability efforts and its commitment to achieving climate neutrality by 2025 have already yielded significant results and positive impacts on the environment and society. Some key outcomes include:

Reduction in carbon emissions

Heerema has successfully reduced its carbon emissions through energy efficiency measures, operational optimisations, and the integration of renewable energy sources. These efforts have led to a substantial decrease in its overall carbon footprint. Since 2020, Heerema has been carbon neutral under its Scope 1 and 2 emissions, currently working to reach net zero with its Scope 3 emissions.

Positive environmental stewardship

Heerema's commitment to environmental responsibility has resulted in preserving and protecting marine ecosystems, reducing waste generation, and conserving natural resources. Its sustainable practices promote a healthier environment for present and future generations.

Social and economic benefits

Heerema's social engagement initiatives have fostered inclusive workplaces, created employment opportunities, and supported local communities. By investing in social development projects, Heerema contributes to the wellbeing and economic growth of the regions in which it operates.

Sailing towards a net-zero 2025

Heerema's journey towards sustainability and commitment to achieving climate neutrality by 2025 exemplifies its dedication to sustainable practices and environmental leadership in the offshore industry. Through its comprehensive approach, Heerema has successfully reduced carbon emissions, preserved marine ecosystems, and fostered social development. By continuously innovating and collaborating with stakeholders, Heerema sets the stage for a more sustainable and climate-resilient future.

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