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Digitising the ground: Verra's leap in soil carbon quantification

In a significant advancement within the environmental and agricultural sectors, Verra is taking a pivotal step forward by developing a new module designed to enhance the quantification of soil organic carbon (SOC) using cutting-edge digital soil mapping technology. This innovation, known as the Module for Quantifying Organic Carbon Stocks Using Digital Soil Mapping, aims to integrate seamlessly with the VM0042 Methodology for Improved Agricultural Land Management within the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program.

Verras leap in soil carbon quantification_A farmer checking his field using cutting-edge digital soil mapping technology_visual 1A farmer checking his field using cutting-edge digital soil mapping technology. AI generated picture.

The utilisation of digital soil mapping technology represents a transformative approach in SOC quantification. By harnessing the power of soil sampling combined with remote sensing and additional environmental data, this method promises to deliver high-resolution SOC mapping. This breakthrough is expected to significantly diminish the costs associated with implementing and expanding Agricultural Land Management projects by offering wider spatial coverage, superior precision, and enhanced cost-efficiency compared to conventional soil sampling techniques.

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Perennial Climate Inc is at the forefront of this module's development. The company plans to assemble a multidisciplinary working group to further refine the module, focusing on its scientific validity, practicality, and technological applicability within the VCS Program. This select group will bring together experts from various fields, including project initiators, validation and verification bodies, and scientific professionals from both private and public sectors. With Verra's oversight as an observing participant, the group is poised to make significant contributions to the development and eventual implementation of this promising module, setting a new standard in SOC stock quantification.

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Through DGB Group's dedication to nature-based solutions, such as reforestation, community-based agroforestry, and sustainable land management, we generate carbon units (carbon credits) verified by leading standards such as Verra and the Gold Standard. Through our carbon compensation solutions, we provide a clear path for organisations to compensate for their environmental impact. 

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Partnering with DGB allows both businesses and individuals to advance significantly towards their net-zero goals, contributing to the restoration and preservation of natural habitats and land. Together, we can forge a sustainable and greener planet.

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