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Ghana's green leap: billion-dollar green finance deal with Indian developer

One of Ghana's largest conglomerates, Jospong, has partnered with EKI, a renowned Indian developer, to revolutionise environmental finance in the region. This groundbreaking initiative aligns with the Paris Agreement's Article 6 objectives, positioning Ghana at the forefront of global environmental action.

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Under a memorandum of understanding, the collaboration aims to generate an impressive $1 billion through carbon credit financing. This ambitious project not only addresses environmental concerns but also promises to create over 1,000 job opportunities by 2030, extending its benefits across Ghana and West Africa.

While specific details regarding the projects and the volume of carbon credits remain undisclosed, the partnership signifies a major leap in utilising Article 6 international trading mechanisms and voluntary carbon markets. The signing ceremony in Accra marks the official commencement of this eco-friendly alliance.

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The Ghanaian government's commitment to this cause is evident in its goal to achieve 24 million tonnes of carbon credits by 2030. Ghana's active engagement in Article 6.2 projects and numerous agreements with countries like Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, and Sweden underscore its dedication to environmental sustainability.

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EKI continues to diversify and innovate, solidifying its position as India's leading carbon credit project developer. The collaboration with Jospong marks a significant step in their journey towards greener and more profitable ventures.

Jospong's strategy includes developing projects eligible for credits under the Paris Agreement's Article 6.2. Its initiatives range from waste management to reducing carbon emissions, evidenced by its Zoomlion subsidiary's plan to retrofit 1,000 trucks with battery-charged drivetrains, replacing diesel fuel.

Starting off on the road to carbon neutrality and environmental action is imperative to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. Partnering with DGB Group on this journey presents a multitude of opportunities for igniting meaningful change. Our commitment to helping organisations achieve net-zero emissions and fostering a sustainable future is driven by the growing importance of nature-based solutions. These solutions stand out as powerful means for conserving nature, providing a strategic approach to forest restoration and the overall health of our planet. Collaborating with DGB is a significant step in starting your path to green practices. 

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