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Green skies ahead: Lufthansa Group collaborates with Airbus for carbon neutrality initiative

Lufthansa Group has unveiled a groundbreaking commitment to environmental sustainability by announcing its intention to procure 40,000 tonnes of carbon removal credits from the Airbus Carbon Capture Offer (ACCO) service. 

Lufthansa Group collaborates with Airbus for carbon neutrality initiative_View from a plane of mountains and forest landscape_visual 1View from a plane of mountains and forest landscape.

In a significant move towards greener aviation, Lufthansa has formally entered into a contract with Airbus, securing pre-purchase rights for verified and durable carbon removal credits. These credits are set to be available from 2026, with an agreement in place for an annual purchase of 10,000 tonnes of CO2 offsetting credits over the next four years.

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Caroline Drischel, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Lufthansa Group, emphasized the company's strong commitment to sustainability, asserting a goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This commitment is evidenced by billion-euro investments in continuous fleet modernization and a resolute dedication to Sustainable Aviation Fuels.

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Nicolas Chrétien, Head of Environment & Sustainability at Airbus, commended Lufthansa for its early engagement in exploring the potential of carbon offsetting solutions. Chrétien highlighted the collaboration's momentum in realising the ambitious vision of decarbonized air travel.

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