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Historic boost to Nigeria’s green energy through eco-friendly cookstoves

The National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) in Nigeria has announced its first-ever investment in Powerstove, a pioneering Nigerian company specialising in eco-friendly cookstoves and carbon credit projects.

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This strategic move marks a significant milestone in NASENI’s mission to combat environmental degradation and promote sustainability within Nigeria. It aims to empower Nigerian enterprises dedicated to decarbonisation.

As part of this investment, NASENI will provide both financial backing and technical assistance to Powerstove, enabling the company to scale its production capacity from 100,000 to over one million units annually.

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Mr Khalil Suleiman Halilu, the Executive Vice Chairman/CEO of NASENI, emphasised that this substantial increase in production will not only meet the growing domestic demand for clean and efficient cookstoves but also significantly reduce carbon emissions in Nigeria.

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Powerstove is recognised as the largest private carbon credit project in Nigeria, currently valued at 4.5 million carbon credits. Halilu noted that this investment not only supports an impact-driven enterprise but also positions NASENI to benefit from carbon credit revenue, furthering its commitment to sustainable development.

This investment underscores NASENI's proactive approach to nature conservation and its dedication to building a resilient and sustainable ecosystem of innovative Nigerian companies.

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