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International collaboration grows as nations discuss vital UN treaty to combat plastic pollution

Representatives from 175 nations gathered in Nairobi to address the pressing issue of plastic pollution, reflecting a global commitment to finding solutions. Last year, consensus was reached to finalise a UN treaty by 2024, acknowledging the threats posed by plastic to oceans, the atmosphere, and living organisms.

International collaboration grows as nations discuss vital UN treaty to combat plastic pollution_Marine view of a coral reef_visual 1Marine view of a coral reef.

While diverse opinions on the treaty's content exist, the ongoing talks, led by Peru's Gustavo Meza-Cuadra Velasquez, underscore the shared understanding of the urgency to counteract plastic pollution—a direct threat to the environment and human health.

The draft treaty, unveiled in September, introduces various policy options. Approximately 60 nations advocate for robust regulations on plastic production and usage, showcasing a positive push for sustainable practices.

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As over 2,000 delegates engage in discussions, environmental advocates stress the importance of reducing plastic production. Kenyan President William Ruto emphasises the need for a transformative shift in human behaviour to combat plastic pollution positively.

The Nairobi negotiations precede crucial environmental talks in the United Arab Emirates on the occasion of COP28, amplifying the focus on emissions. Financing, a persistent point of tension, raises concerns about the burden on developing economies.

The strength of the proposed treaty, aimed for adoption by mid-2025, depends on government commitments to cap and phase down plastic production. Campaigners encourage swift progress in Nairobi, highlighting the positive impact of these discussions on shaping a sustainable future.

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