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Isometric raises $25 million to boost carbon removal industry's transparency

Isometric, a carbon removal registry and science platform, has unveiled groundbreaking data showcasing previously unseen carbon removal activity from various companies. This includes Charm Industrial, Eion, Planetary, and Brilliant Planet. Recently, Isometric secured a $25 million seed round led by Lowercarbon Capital and Plural. The funding will be utilised to recruit more scientists and engineers, aiming to establish the first carbon registry exclusively listing high-quality, long-duration carbon removal credits.

Isometric Raises $25M for Carbon Removal Transparency_Close-up of a raindrop on a leaf_visual 1Close-up of a raindrop on a leaf.

The need for robust Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) is where Isometric brings its most significant contribution. Its new science platform facilitates the advancement of carbon removal by allowing stakeholders to quantify the net amount of carbon removed and develop rigorous protocols. These protocols will be finalised and issued on the registry after public consultation.

Isometric's innovative business model aligns incentives by charging buyers (not suppliers) a single flat fee for offtake or purchase, covering all costs related to protocol development, verification, and credit issuance. This diverges from traditional carbon registries, which financially depend on the suppliers they verify.

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In the past, some carbon registries have faced criticism for limited transparency and verification of climate impacts. Isometric's innovative approach to reporting data and verification results on its science platform aims to instil confidence in the market and encourage larger purchases over time.

Carbon removal is one of the critical responses to the climate crisis. While the industry presently removes a few kilotonnes of carbon annually, experts advocate for a significant increase to 3.8 gigatonnes per year, creating a $1 trillion industry.

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With trust and transparency becoming increasingly crucial in the industry, Isometric's successful seed round and commitment to reshaping the carbon removal market solidify its position as a leading player in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions.

At DGB Group, we harness the potential of AI, blockchain, big data, and drone technology to develop and validate top-tier nature-based projects aimed at generating AAA-rated carbon credits. Our commitment to accessibility and transparency makes us the ideal partner for businesses, investors, and individuals who share our dedication to nature conservation. By investing in our projects, stakeholders actively participate in restoring ecosystems, preserving biodiversity, and empowering communities.

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