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Mapping the future: Verra's new initiative in deforestation risk assessment

Verra is pioneering a significant advancement in deforestation risk mapping across several jurisdictions, aiming to refine the allocation of deforestation data for conservation projects. This initiative marks a crucial phase preceding the availability of detailed deforestation activity data essential for projects under Verra's REDD methodology.

Mapping the future_ Verras new initiative in deforestation risk assessment_ Landscape view of a lush deciduous forest_visual 1Landscape view of a lush deciduous forest. AI generated picture.

The organisation is employing a new risk mapping technique that will distribute collected deforestation data throughout a jurisdiction to projects based on their deforestation risk levels. This process is vital for setting credible baselines for projects adhering to Verra’s REDD methodology VM0048 and the Avoided Unplanned Deforestation (AUD) activities under VCS Module VMD0055.

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In collaboration with Clark Labs, Verra aims to develop risk maps for the initial dozen jurisdictions. This collaboration extends their previous joint efforts which facilitated the creation of the VCS Tool VT0007 for Unplanned Deforestation Allocation. Introduced in February 2024, VT0007 offers a standardised approach to both risk mapping and data allocation across different REDD+ frameworks.

The comprehensive risk mapping process will leverage VT0007 to produce a benchmark and a minimum of two alternative risk maps per jurisdiction, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of deforestation monitoring and conservation projects.

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DGB Group is committed to nature-based initiatives like reforestation, community-driven agroforestry, and sustainable land management to combat deforestation and biodiversity loss. Our projects generate verified carbon units (carbon credits) through top standards such as Verra and the Gold Standard. Our carbon compensation solutions offer organisations a straightforward way to measure and compensate for their environmental footprint.

By collaborating with DGB, both companies and individuals can make substantial progress toward their net-zero objectives, aiding in the restoration and conservation of natural habitats and landscapes. Together, we are working towards a sustainable and greener future.

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