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Revolutionising water use: proposal for water credits in India

India’s leading bottled water company, Bisleri International, has introduced a pioneering framework to create water credits for the beverage industry. This initiative aims to enhance accountability for water use among beverage manufacturers.

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In collaboration with the TERI School of Advanced Studies, Bisleri plans to evaluate the water footprint of businesses across their value chains. CEO Angelo George shared that the proposal outlines a model for the government to establish a water credit system, similar to carbon credits.

George emphasised the urgent need for a platform to support this initiative, which would allow companies to earn credits through water conservation, harvesting, and efficient usage, including wastewater treatment and reuse.

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The recently published report by Bisleri and TERI provides a baseline for the beverage industry. It reviews global practices in water trading and credits, developing a methodology to estimate the water footprint of production units. The study tested two Bisleri production units in diverse terrains.

Large beverage companies often face criticism for depleting water resources in stressed areas. However, many are now reporting efforts to replenish water used in manufacturing. Bisleri prides itself on being a water-positive company, replenishing more water than it extracts.

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He stressed the local context of water savings, considering factors like rainfall and watershed consumption. Water credits have been identified as a key component in the LiFE initiative launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year.

India’s Green Credit Programme, launched in June 2023, lists activities qualifying for green credits, including water conservation. However, the development of projects and regulations under this scheme has been slow.

This proposal comes at a critical time, as northern India faces severe water shortages amid rising temperatures. According to WWF, two-thirds of the global population may experience water shortages by 2025, with demand outstripping supply by 40% by 2030.

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