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Sri Lanka to host innovative carbon credit exchange

Kiuda Digital Holdings is gearing up to launch KiudaEX, a cutting-edge carbon credit exchange platform, in Sri Lanka. With a focus on addressing the surging demand for carbon offset credits in Asia, particularly in South Korea and Japan, KiudaEX aims to redefine carbon trading. The platform, valued in the millions and bolstered by significant South Korean investments, will facilitate a seamless connection between global carbon credit suppliers and businesses striving for carbon neutrality.

Sri Lanka to host innovative carbon credit exchange_Sun rays breaking through vegetation of Sri Lankan tropical forest_visual 1Sun rays breaking through vegetation in Sri Lankan tropical forest. AI generated picture.

The initiative, fully developed in Sri Lanka using local expertise, introduces a transparent, fraud-resistant, and efficient carbon trading experience. Leveraging technologies such as blockchain and automation, KiudaEX promises to eliminate common market challenges, including transparency issues and double-spending.

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Under the leadership of Richard Yoon, KiudaEX is poised to capture a significant share of the rapidly expanding global carbon market. The platform's innovative approach and strategic positioning highlight Sri Lanka as an attractive investment hub for Korean and Japanese investors.

In partnership with Xeptagon, a local tech firm specialising in climate finance technologies, KiudaEX is expected to set new standards in the carbon trading sector. Xeptagon's co-founder, Dr Sapumal Ahangama, emphasised the platform's potential to transform the industry, supported by their expertise in climate finance technology.

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KiudaEX's launch is a testament to the potential of blockchain technology in transcending geographical boundaries, with Sri Lanka emerging as a pivotal player in the global climate finance landscape.

Carbon offsetting presents an effective method to restore the environment. Through DGB Group’s dedication to natural solutions, exemplified by our certified carbon units and real outcomes, we provide a clear path for organisations to compensate for their environmental impact. We can help you benefit from the growing carbon market while making a positive impact. Partnering with DGB enables both corporations and individuals to advance significantly towards their net-zero goals, contributing to the restoration and preservation of natural habitats. Together, we can forge a sustainable and greener future.

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