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Cameroon afforestation project undergoes third-party site audit for validation under Verra

Learn about the ongoing site audit for validation of our Cameroon afforestation project under Verra's standards. 

Ongoing site audit for validation

We are pleased to announce that our Sawa Afforestation Project in Cameroon is undergoing an extensive third-party site audit as part of the validation process under Verra, a leading standard-setting organisation for voluntary carbon market projects. This ongoing audit is a significant step towards achieving official validation for our project.

Cameroon afforestation project_ Map of the Cameroons central region_visual 1Map of Cameroon's central region - Sawa Afforestation Project, Cameroon, DGB.

The continuous process of audit and resolution

The site audit is a comprehensive evaluation and validation process conducted by an independent third-party auditor to assess the compliance of our project with Verra's stringent requirements and guidelines. It involves an in-depth examination of project documentation, on-site visits, stakeholder consultations, rounds of questions, and verification of project activities.

During the audit, the auditor identifies findings and areas for improvement, which require resolution to ensure the project's eligibility for validation. The findings may encompass various aspects of the project, including project design, implementation, monitoring, and impact assessment. These findings serve as opportunities for us to address any gaps or deficiencies, further enhancing the project's integrity and alignment with Verra's standards.

Cameroon afforestation project_Tree planting by Nicholas Wall and local people as a part of Sawa Afforestation Project in Cameroon_visual 2Tree planting by Nicholas Wall and local people - Sawa Afforestation Project, Cameroon, DGB.

Commitment to transparency and compliance

At DGB Group, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of transparency and compliance. As part of the audit process, we collaborate closely with the third-party auditor to address the identified findings promptly and effectively. We take every finding seriously, working diligently to resolve and improve the project based on the auditor's recommendations.

_Cameroon afforestation project_Tree nursery as a part of Sawa Afforestation Project in Cameroon_visual 3Tree nursery - Sawa Afforestation Project, Cameroon, DGB.

Continuous improvement and progress

The site audit findings provide valuable insights and opportunities for continuous improvement. We recognise that the audit process involves several stages of findings, resolution, and subsequent verification. Our dedicated team remains focused on addressing the findings, incorporating necessary adjustments, and ensuring that the project meets the stringent validation requirements set by Verra.

Cameroon afforestation project_Theo Oben in front of a tree nursery in Cameroon as a part of Sawa afforestation project_visual 4Theo Oben in front of a tree nursery - Sawa Afforestation Project, Cameroon, DGB.

Achieving validation and beyond

While the site audit is ongoing and findings are being resolved, we are committed to achieving official validation for our Cameroon afforestation project. Validation represents an essential milestone in demonstrating our project's credibility and aligning with globally recognised standards. It instils confidence among potential buyers and investors in the carbon market, ensuring the credibility and quality of the carbon credits generated by our project.

Cameroon afforestation project_CEO Selwyn Duijvestijn and team in Cameroon_visual 5CEO Selwyn Duijvestijn and team - Sawa Afforestation Project, Cameroon, DGB.

Continuous communication and updates

We will continue to provide regular updates on the progress of the site audit and the resolution of findings. Our commitment to transparency extends to keeping stakeholders informed about our efforts to address the identified areas for improvement. Through open communication and collaboration, we aim to create a robust and sustainable project that positively impacts climate change mitigation, biodiversity conservation, and local communities.

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Embracing the journey

The site audit process is an integral part of our commitment to excellence and adherence to the highest standards. We are dedicated to continuously improving our Sawa Afforestation Project in Cameroon, ensuring its alignment with Verra's validation requirements. We remain resolute in our mission to combat climate change, protect biodiversity, and promote sustainable development.

Together, let’s embrace this journey of continual improvement, learn from the audit process, and work towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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