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Project updates

Read our project updates to discover our impact on nature and local communities worldwide.

At the heart of our commitment to a greener planet and sustainable living, we're excited to share th..

We are thrilled to share an exciting update on the Greenzone Reforestation Project, our impactful na..

Our planet provides a valuable resource vital to all life—forests. Forests, and the trees that form ..

This tree-planting season, our team in Cameroon has been focussing on cultivating cashew plants (Ana..

In a significant step towards fostering collaboration and ensuring the successful implementation of ..

Learn about the ongoing site audit for validation of our Cameroon afforestation project under Verra'..

At DGB Group, we're always looking for new and innovative ways to promote sustainable agriculture an..

The Cameroon project is one of our recent projects as we continue in our quest to generate nature co..

DGB Group CEO Selwyn Duijvestijn and project director Theo Oben had the privilege to meet with the ..

The Cameroon Afforestation Project has gained significant attention and has been featured on nationa..