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Strengthening collaboration: Ministry of Environment meeting in Cameroon highlights project progress

In a significant step towards fostering collaboration and ensuring the successful implementation of our Sawa Afforestation Project in Cameroon, representatives of DGB Group recently participated in a constructive meeting with the Ministry of Environment. Led by Mr Thomas Donia, Director of Operations, and Mr Theodore Oben, Managing Director of the Sawa Afforestation Project, DGB seized the opportunity to provide the Ministry with a comprehensive update on the project's progress and to align its goals with the wider environmental ambitions of the Cameroonian government. This meeting showcased the project's maturity, unique scale, and commendable ambition, establishing it as a pioneer in the nation's sustainable development initiatives.

Ministry of Environment meeting in Cameroon highlights project progress_DGB team on the meeting with Ministry of Environment in Cameroon_visual 1Thomas Donia and Theo Oben during the meeting with Ministry of Environment in Cameroon.


DGB is a renowned advocate for nature conservation through nature-based solutions and embarked on a large-scale afforestation project in the Sawa region of Cameroon. Our Sawa Afforestation Project seeks to restore the region's lush greenery and biodiversity while empowering local communities through education and job opportunities. By combining innovation, scientific research, and community engagement, the project aims to create a sustainable model for reforestation efforts in the country.

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The meeting with the Ministry of Environment

As part of our dedication to stakeholder management and effective project execution, DGB recently met with the Ministry of Environment to provide an update on the project's status, current planning, and medium-term objectives. The meeting served as a platform for DGB to showcase its progress, highlighting the successful collaboration between its team and the local project partner, led by Mr Theodore Oben, Managing Director of the Sawa Afforestation Project.

During the meeting, Mr Theodore Oben presented a concise and visually captivating video summary showcasing the project's remarkable achievements. The presence of a thriving nursery, teeming with seedlings and actively progressing planting activities, underscored the project's advanced stage of development. The Ministry was particularly impressed, emphasising that few projects attain such maturity levels, making DGB's efforts truly exceptional.

Furthermore, the Ministry acknowledged the project's large scale. The ambitious nature of DGB's undertaking resonated with the government's vision for sustainable growth and environmental protection. Recognising the project's alignment with broader national environmental ambitions, the Ministry expressed support, encouraging DGB to continue their commendable work and maintain regular updates.

DGB Group continues its mission in Cameroon

The Ministry of Environment meeting served as a testament to the progress and dedication exhibited by DGB in our Cameroon afforestation project. With Mr Thomas Donia, Director of Operations, leading the way alongside Mr Theodore Oben, Managing Director of the Sawa Afforestation Project, DGB showcased its commitment to sustainable practices, stakeholder management, and collaboration with the government. By fortifying ties with the Ministry of Environment and aligning its objectives with the government's wider environmental ambitions, DGB reinforces its position as a pioneer in the realm of reforestation and sustainable development in Cameroon. As the project progresses, DGB remains dedicated to achieving its vision of a greener, more resilient future for the country and its ecosystems.

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