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The new milestones unveiled for the Ethiopia Cookstoves Project

Drawing upon the vibrant and transformative journey of the Ethiopia Cookstoves Project, our latest update heralds a significant stride towards a sustainable future. We're thrilled to share with our community the recent milestones and the promising path ahead for this nature-based initiative that lies at the heart of our mission to combat deforestation and indoor air pollution while fostering a sustainable environment for Ethiopia.

The new milestones unveiled for the Ethiopia Cookstoves Project_Close-up of cookstoves in a stock_visual 1Close-up of cookstoves in a stock. Ethiopia Cookstoves Project, DGB.

Here are the recent achievements and exciting prospects of the project:

  • Site visit achievements: A comprehensive site visit was recently conducted, marking a pivotal step in our project’s progress. This hands-on assessment has enabled us to refine our strategies for a more impactful distribution and implementation phase.
  • Calculating potential for change: The potential Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) have been meticulously calculated, illuminating the tangible environmental benefits our project is poised to deliver. This milestone underscores our commitment to not only fostering healthier living conditions but also contributing to global environmental sustainability.
  • Awaiting strategic enhancements: We are at a critical juncture, awaiting the development of an improved distribution strategy. This strategy will ensure that our energy-efficient cookstoves reach the heart of communities in need, optimising our impact on both the environment and the wellbeing of Ethiopian households.
  • Financial foundations for future success: The anticipation builds as we await the finalisation of the Production Budget. This financial blueprint is key to scaling our efforts and maximising the project's reach and effectiveness.

The new milestones unveiled for the Ethiopia Cookstoves Project_Top view of a cookstove in use_visual 2Top view of a cookstove in use. Ethiopia Cookstoves Project, DGB.

At its core, the Ethiopia Cookstoves Project is an initiative towards creating a healthier, more sustainable Ethiopia. By targeting the distribution of 150,000 energy-efficient cookstoves, we aim to drastically reduce deforestation, improve indoor air quality for local households, and uplift the socio-economic conditions of countless communities across the nation.

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Our efforts extend beyond the environmental impact. Socially, this project is a catalyst for improved respiratory health, particularly among women and children, economic empowerment through cost savings, and the fostering of gender equality and local employment opportunities.

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As we await the next steps in our project's evolution, including the improved distribution strategy and the production budget, our resolve has never been stronger. The potential VCUs calculated serve as a testament to the positive change we aim to bring about – a cleaner, greener, and healthier Ethiopia.

This journey, powered by collaboration, innovation, and the unwavering support of our community, is not just about cookstoves. It’s about igniting hope, empowering sustainable living, and nurturing the environment for current and future generations.

We invite you to stay tuned as we continue to unfold this remarkable story of resilience and innovation. Together, let's celebrate each milestone and work together towards a brighter, more sustainable future for Ethiopia and beyond.

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