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Why do people in Kenya and Cameroon need cookstoves?

A household in Cameroon using "conventional cooking methods" uses 5 to 12 kg of wood per day on average. These "conventional cooking methods" can lead to respiratory conditions. While burning solid fuels like wood and charcoal, emits ozone-producing gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, black carbon, and carbon dioxide.

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Why do people in Kenya and Cameroon need cookstoves first

That's why they need more effective cookstoves that will affect society. Investing in alternative fuels, like pellets made from agricultural waste, allows us to further minimize the emissions brought on by cooking.

While more research is still needed to determine the effects of cooking globally and switching to clean cooking, the advantages locally are obvious.

How will the cookstoves solve these problems?

When people in Kenya or Cameroon use less wood, they will reduce this cause of deforestation and be better able to reforest and conserve forests. These programs will distribute 300.000 cookstoves over the course of their existence, effectively offsetting 3,56 million metric tons of CO2 emissions.

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 On the other hand, to confirm a solution, we collaborate with the Applied Institute of Agriculture and Technology (AIAT) in Kenya and with Green Zone in Cameroon, two organizations dedicated to sustainable development. 

What are we doing to solve these problems? 

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved our aim of providing 150,000 cookstoves to Cameroon and Kenya, thanks to our work with charcoal companies, local NGOs, and other donors. These projects promote the use of environmentally friendly cookstoves that reduce emissions.

Some may think it's an impossible task; however, we've been working hard towards this goal since day one. These projects are making a significant difference in people's lives by making them easier, cleaner, and more environmentally conscious. 

 Even though this is only the beginning, it is not the end!

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