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Sustainability with every step: Etnies' Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree initiative

In an age where environmental consciousness has become a central theme in corporate responsibility, companies are increasingly seeking innovative ways to not only reduce their carbon footprint but also actively contribute to the preservation of our planet. One such avenue gaining prominence is the integration of trees into businesses—a sustainable initiative that benefits the environment and engages customers in the journey towards a greener future. This case study delves into the commendable efforts of Etnies, a pioneer in this field, as it embarked on its Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree initiative, exemplifying how businesses can make a significant impact by involving their customers in reforestation endeavours.

Etnies Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree initiative_People planting a tree_visual 1People planting a tree.

Etnies has designed the Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree project to make international reforestation accessible to environmentally-conscious shoppers. With every purchase of select Etnies footwear, you play a crucial role in planting trees with Trees for the Future. Each tree symbolises your support for this noble cause.

In 2011, Etnies marked its 25th anniversary by embarking on a unique venture in Costa Rica. Partnering with the Maleku tribe and the La Reserva Forest Foundation in a country committed to sustainability, Etnies launched its tree-planting project. To engage the community in reforestation, Etnies introduced the Jameson 2 Eco shoe, crafted using recycled materials. For every pair sold, Etnies planted a tree. By the end of 2011, 35,000 trees had been planted in the Maleku reserve in northern Costa Rica, helping an Indigenous tribe restore their forest, which had suffered from years of depletion.

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Brazil's Atlantic Rainforest has suffered drastic deforestation over the centuries. Etnies responded by extending its Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree project to combat deforestation in Brazil, partnering with Trees for the Future. Etnies aimed to plant 100,000 trees within São Paulo's Atlantic Rainforest in 2012. The project empowered local students and Indigenous groups, educating them about environmental issues and tree cultivation. Remarkably, by the end of 2012, Etnies had surpassed its initial goal, planting 134,000 trees.

In 2013, Etnies continued its commitment to reforestation in Brazil. Partnering with Trees for the Future, it aimed to plant an additional 200,000 trees in São Paulo. This expansion coincided with the introduction of new shoe styles and colours for men, women, and kids in the Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree collection. Notably, Etnies was honoured with the 2013 Environment Award by the Surf Retailers Federation's Australian Surf Industry Awards for its reforestation initiative.

Etnies, driven by skateboarding since 1986, prioritises sustainability. Its ownership by a skateboarder underscores its commitment to creating durable shoes that minimise environmental impact. Having achieved its goal of planting two million trees by 2020 through its partnership with Trees for the Future, Etnies has expanded its Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree project. Now, every purchase of Etnies footwear results in a tree donation to Trees for the Future, representing your support for a greener planet.

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As a company deeply committed to environmental sustainability, DGB Group stands ready to assist businesses in their mission to integrate trees into their operations. Our tailored services are designed to empower companies to embrace eco-conscious practices, just as Etnies has demonstrated with its Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree initiative. By partnering with us, businesses can embark on a journey towards a greener future, not only fulfilling their corporate social responsibility but also engaging their customers in meaningful ways. Together, we can create a world where businesses and sustainability seamlessly coexist, leaving a lasting positive impact on our planet. Choose DGB for bespoke solutions that align your business with the cause of reforestation and environmental stewardship.

Integrate trees into your business with DGB

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