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A pop-up tree-planting celebration: Kenya's 15 billion trees quest

In a surprising move, the Kenyan government announced a national public holiday on 13 November 2023 dedicated to planting trees. This initiative is part of an ambitious plan to plant an astounding 15 billion trees by 2032. Interior and National Administration Minister Kithure Kindiki revealed the decision following a recent cabinet meeting chaired by President William Ruto, shared through a gazette notice on the social platform X, previously known as Twitter.

A pop-up tree-planting celebration in Kenya_Close up on hands holding tree seedling_visual 1Close up on hands holding tree seedling, Hongera Reforestation Project, DGB.

The initiative aims to address the pressing issue of nature conservation in a country where the current forest cover stands at a mere 7%. To support this goal, the government has allocated over $80 million this financial year to increase the tree cover to at least 10%.

With environmental instability exacerbating droughts, the country faces consecutive seasons of failed rains. Recognising the urgency, Kenya's Ministry of Environment, Climate Change & Forestry vows to supply tree seedlings for this nationwide event.

President Ruto's commitment to the National Landscape and Ecosystem Restoration Program has gained recognition, drawing praise from King Charles III during his recent visit to Kenya. The King, known for his own environmental efforts, commended the ambitious tree-planting goal.

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The national planting day symbolises a united front against the environmental crisis, echoing the sentiment of Environment Minister Soipan Tuya, who referred to it as a 'hummingbird' contribution day—a collective effort to support nature restoration.

In the world of environmental stewardship, DGB Group stands as a guiding light, making the intricate landscape of nature markets accessible to all. Our commitment extends to impactful nature-based projects that harness the power of nature, not only combatting carbon emissions but also addressing social and environmental challenges. As guardians of large-scale, high-quality projects accredited by leading verification standards, our focus extends beyond the conventional, prioritising nature conservation and biodiversity.

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Amidst Kenya's commitment to planting 15 billion trees by 2032, DGB's presence in the country includes two remarkable initiatives: a large-scale tree planting initiative and an energy-efficient cookstove project. The Hongera Reforestation Project is a cornerstone in our efforts, aiming to restore previously forested areas impacted by human activities like (illegal) logging, agriculture, and construction. This project aims to plant over 10 million trees, particularly in vital catchment areas such as Mt Kenya and the Aberdares. Its mission? To protect biodiversity, restore forests, enhance water security, and improve the lives of local communities.

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DGB's other initiative, the Hongera Energy Efficient Cookstoves Project, introduces energy-efficient cookstoves across multiple sites in Mt Kenya and the Aberdare regions. By reducing the need for firewood in cooking, this initiative directly lessens pressure on local forests (by reducing deforestation), cuts carbon emissions, and improves the wellbeing of households (by improving indoor air quality), benefitting both the community and the environment.

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As DGB works for nature's restoration, these efforts showcase a larger narrative: our collective contribution towards nurturing and sustaining our natural world. With each tree planted and every efficient stove distributed, we unite to support nature's prosperity, ensuring a better, greener future for all.

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