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Green boost: Punjab's tree-planting plan with carbon credits

In a proactive move towards environmental sustainability, Punjab's Caretaker Chief Minister, Syed Mohsin Raza Naqvi, has spearheaded efforts to establish a comprehensive carbon credit plan to accelerate tree planting across the region. During a crucial meeting attended by provincial ministers such as Amir Mir and Ibrahim Hasan Murad, alongside secretaries from the forests, finance, and industries departments, a consensus emerged to leverage the expertise of a consultancy firm for the strategic acquisition of carbon credits.

Punjabs tree-planting plan with carbon credits_Mango tree and young tree seedlings_visual 1A mango tree and young tree seedlings.

The detailed briefing during the meeting shed light on 10 diverse sectors, including waste management, transportation, renewable energy, and land use, presenting potential avenues for obtaining carbon credits. It was emphasised that acquiring these credits intricately ties into activities such as forest preservation and the proactive management of environmental pollution. The meeting highlighted the international dimension, noting how countries with higher carbon emissions invest in afforestation and environmental conservation initiatives in other nations.

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Simultaneously, Caretaker CM Naqvi unveiled a significant initiative to foster ease of doing business, promote industrial development, and attract investments. This initiative takes the form of a comprehensive master plan for a One Window Operation system meticulously designed to streamline business processes and provide robust support for investment endeavours. Chaired by the Chief Minister, a meeting on 13 November presented the detailed master plan, with an expected completion date set for the next month.

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The operational hub for the One Window Operation system is planned to be housed in the Al-Falah Building, offering a centralised and convenient location for the business community. Complementing this, an online portal will grant businesses access to comprehensive information, while dedicated focal persons will be assigned for each department, ensuring efficient communication and support. To guarantee the effectiveness of the system, CM Naqvi directed swift resolution and emphasised the need to enhance the seating capacity of the offices. Drawing inspiration from the successful LDA one-window cell, the Chief Minister urged the formulation of long-term Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), crucial for the sustained success of the system.

DGB Group focuses on contributing to making carbon markets accessible, reliable, and transparent through the generation of top-rated carbon credits. In today's context, investors possess substantial influence by opting for investments that positively contribute to the environment. DGB's carefully designed nature-centric projects prioritise the highest quality standards and, above all, aspire to bring about tangible and transformative benefits for both nature and communities.

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