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Corekees’ first-ever bamboo campaign exceeding expectations

Corekees, operating under the umbrella of DGB Group, started its first campaign to plant bamboo in Europe on 14 March 2023. For this campaign, Corekees partnered with Bamboologic. In the past two-week period, Corekees’ Project Bamboo has already raised 129% of the targeted amount. 

Corekees is a sustainable investment platform. Its newest campaign, Project Bamboo, allows Europeans to invest in bamboo planting in Alcoutim, Portugal. By investing in the first European bamboo project, individuals can expect certified carbon offsets of 46 kg per plant and an average annual return of 6.7% over a 15-year period. 

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Currently, 79% of bamboo comes from Asia, but the demand for European bamboo is increasing. Corekees and Bamboologic aim to meet this demand by enabling individuals to invest in planting bamboo in Europe.

Bamboo is a highly sustainable and versatile resource that grows up to 15 times faster than wood and can be harvested continuously. With over 10,000 different uses, the plant's biomass can be utilised for various products, including kitchens, flooring, and industrial composites. 

Project Bamboo is expected to be a profitable and environmentally-friendly investment, with Corekees distributing annual harvest yields to investors.

Carbon credits generated by Project Bamboo are certified by ONCRA, a Dutch open-source accounting framework for carbon removal. The credits are granted based on transparent measurements, and the corresponding data is easily accessible. These carbon credits serve as transition financing, incentivising companies that invest in nature to continue their efforts. Once purchased, the credits cannot be reused, ensuring that the impact of the investment remains permanent. 

Corekees investors will ensure a carbon dioxide removal of 50,600 tonnes per year for the project's duration. This is equivalent to about 50,600 average cars driving once around the world. This project combines financial rewards with environmental impact. This week, interested parties can get the last few Project Bamboo bonds left.

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