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Global investors unite to combat biodiversity loss, mobilising $23.6 trillion

Investors overseeing an impressive $23.6 trillion of funds have launched a concerted effort to push 100 companies to step up their efforts in combatting biodiversity loss. A collective effort by Axa Investment Managers, Robeco, the Church Commissioners for England, Storebrand Asset Management, and 186 other participants, known as the Nature Action 100 initiative, is driving this campaign. Their joint statement, issued on 26 September, demands ‘urgent and necessary actions’ from targeted companies to safeguard and restore ecosystems.

Global investors unite to combat biodiversity loss_Close up of ants carrying a leaf together_visual 1Close up of ants carrying a leaf together.

The list of targeted firms includes industry giants such as BHP Group Plc, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, Nestle SA, Bayer AG, Amazon.com Inc, and Unilever Plc. These selections were made based on their market capitalisation and their pivotal roles in sectors like mining, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and forestry, which are integral to the mission of reversing biodiversity loss by 2030.

The Nature Action 100 initiative aspires to generate renewed global momentum in addressing biodiversity concerns. Liudmila Strakodonskaya, ESG analyst at AXA Investment Managers, emphasised the campaign's goal to stimulate action on this crucial issue.

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In their communication with companies, investors have emphasised key objectives such as minimising adverse environmental impacts and establishing science-based targets. The Nature Action 100 initiative plans to monitor corporate progress using third-party data, with the first progress report due next year.

Biodiversity loss is occurring at an alarming pace. To counteract this, nearly 200 countries have pledged to conserve 30% of land and sea by the decade's end. Recently, the Taskforce for Nature-related Financial Disclosures presented guidelines to assist businesses in assessing and disclosing nature loss risks.

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With unified investor support, target companies identified, and comprehensive guidelines in place, the stage is set to accelerate corporate efforts in tackling biodiversity loss, as highlighted by Peter van de Werf, head of engagement at Robeco.

At DGB Group, through restoring biodiversity, preserving ecosystems, and providing valuable resources, our nature-based projects deliver many benefits to the environment and the communities they support. Our projects’ benefits include restoring degraded lands, boosting biodiversity, creating vital habitats, and improving the wellbeing of local communities through energy-efficient cookstoves and training. DGB's commitment to sustainable strategies is paving the way for a greener, more biodiverse future where nature flourishes in harmony with sustainability.

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