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Martello (UK) launches first hemp-based carbon credits

Martello, a UK-based transition capital company, entered the voluntary carbon credits market, aiming to tackle concerns around transparency and credibility. The firm advises companies on structuring and fiduciary risks within the carbon markets and develops high-quality carbon credits, helping businesses offset their emissions. Martello's credits are validated by the United Kingdom Committee on Climate Change (UKCCC), which verifies the credits they issue. Martello focuses on triple returns: reducing carbon, investing in biodiversity, and incentivising farmers to adopt regenerative farming practices.

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According to Martello, the voluntary carbon market (VCM) faces transparency challenges and innovation, resulting in opaque credits. As a solution, Martello launched the first UK carbon credits using industrial hemp grown in Canada. The hemp crop has a faster growing cycle than forests and can absorb 8 to 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare. Martello's hemp carbon credits project supports sustainable farming practices that enhance soil health, reduce emissions, and promote biodiversity in Canada.

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Martello is also hosting the Peripatetic Series on the global carbon credits markets in April and May 2023 to raise awareness of greenwashing and encourage investors to buy good-quality credits. Martello's hemp carbon credits are available for bulk or smaller issuance via verified carbon offset certificates, meeting net-zero fiduciary duty requirements and providing transparency via blockchain smart contracts.

At DGB Group, a company dedicated to large-scale nature-restoration projects, we recognise and support the importance of a transparent carbon credit market. By ensuring that credits are accurately accounted for and represent genuine emissions reductions, we can incentivise and reward sustainable practices that help the transition towards a greener future. Our projects follow the most rigorous standards and are independently verified to ensure their integrity, making us a trusted partner in the effort to reach net zero. We remain committed to continuing our work in nature restoration and contributing to a sustainable future.

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