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Toucan's new marketplace unlocks the potential of biochar credits

Toucan is set to unveil CHAR, the world’s first 'liquid' marketplace for biochar carbon credits, marking a significant milestone in carbon trading and environmental finance. This launch comes as a response to the increasing demand from both carbon credit buyers and developers, aiming to streamline the process of trading biochar credits.

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Biochar, a biomass-based soil amendment produced through the pyrolysis of organic matter, has emerged as a key player in carbon removal efforts. Recognised for its ability to store carbon over long periods and offer additional environmental benefits, biochar is hailed as a cost-effective solution in the efforts for nature conservation. It's capable of removing up to 2.62 gigatonnes of CO2 annually, making it a crucial component in achieving net-zero targets.

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Despite its potential, biochar has faced challenges due to the absence of a liquid market, hindering investment opportunities. Toucan aims to address this through CHAR, providing a digital platform for the automated trading of biochar credits, thus enhancing transparency and accessibility in the market.

The CHAR platform is designed to consolidate pre-screened biochar credits, facilitating seamless transactions and providing project developers with a new avenue to finance their operations. This initiative is expected to significantly boost the biochar market, with a potential six-fold increase in material output anticipated in the next two years.

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Moreover, Toucan's collaboration with the Puro.earth registry and the introduction of an additional screening process for projects underscore its commitment to quality and sustainability in carbon trading. As the biochar industry continues to grow, CHAR by Toucan represents a pioneering step towards a more transparent and efficient carbon credit market, promising to play a key role in global carbon dioxide removal efforts.

DGB Group is dedicated to nature-based solutions, focusing on reforestation, afforestation, and restoring biodiversity. We provide clear opportunities for both businesses and individuals to work in sync with nature. Integrating biochar into land management strategies is crucial for sustainable progress. Utilising biochar helps support natural ecosystems, combat biodiversity decline, and build a sustainable future. You, too, can get involved and support initiatives that help our planet flourish.

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