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Microsoft’s 15-year pact for 362,000 carbon credits

Microsoft has recently finalised a 15-year agreement to procure 362,000 carbon removal credits as part of its broader commitment to achieving carbon negativity by 2030. The deal is set to support an expansive afforestation project spread across eight parcels of land primarily located in Arkansas.

Microsoft’s 15-year pact for 362,000 carbon credits_ Landscape view of a river and a forest in Arkansas city_visual 1Landscape view of a river and a forest in Arkansas city. AI generated picture.

The collaboration with Chestnut Carbon focuses on executing the largest certified afforestation project in the US, financed by Kimmeridge Energy Management, assuring that the forests it creates on previously utilised land are ‘additional, verifiable, and biodiverse’. This approach aims to accelerate the path to net zero across various industries.

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This collaboration adds to Microsoft's extensive investment in diverse carbon removal techniques. Previous ventures include credits from a biochar project in Bolivia and deals with other entities such as Heirloom, Climeworks, and Carbon Capture.

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Looking ahead, Chestnut Carbon envisions expanding its initiatives to cover 500,000 acres, contributing significantly to the removal of up to 100 million tonnes of carbon. Microsoft's commitment to a 15-year partnership with Chestnut Carbon is viewed as a positive stride towards realising its carbon-negative objectives.

In line with this vision, DGB Group shares a steadfast commitment to champion the restoration of nature through a diverse range of nature-based solutions. Our comprehensive approach encompasses large-scale reforestation, afforestation, biodiversity restoration, and land revitalisation. By offering this array of solutions, we enable businesses, investors, and individuals to actively participate in transparent and impactful investments dedicated to preserving and restoring nature. Join us in fostering a harmonious relationship with the environment, collectively nurturing and safeguarding it for the wellbeing of future generations.

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